A South African youtuber and podcaster, Nicole, has stirred reactions after she said men who work 9 to 5 are broke.

Nicole, during a recent episode of the Sip Or Spill Podcast with her friend, Lelo, explained that she believes that men who have a 9-5 job fall under the category of “broke men”.

Lelo opined that classifying a broke man is subjective, so her definition of a broke man may differ from Niclole’s, and Nicole quickly responded, “A broke guy is someone doing a 9-5.”

She went on to say that a man who gets up at 5 a.m. every day to prepare for work and ends up making 12 Rands per month is broke and she cannot date such a man.

Watch video below,

Reacting to the video, a Twitter user @Kokoleo_zn wrote, “Normalise telling us on first date if u want a criminal or a 9-5 gent”.

@BabaDumi wrote, “🤣🤣🤣 they want criminals. Blood money tastes and smells better. It is not muddied by the smell of honesty”.

@DrPhomolo, “Girlfriend allowance this, Girlfriend allowance that 🚮. You are an empowered adult who wakes up everyday to go to work, take care of yourself and stop putting unnecessary pressure on these men.”

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