Mercy Aigbe’s sister, Dr. Patience Aigbekaen allegedly set her mother’s house on fire a few days after calling out both Mercy and her mother on Facebook for practicing witchcraft.

The terrible occurrence took place in Lagos on October 5 in the late afternoon at Adebayo Mokuolu Street, directly across from Anthony Village Recreation Center.

This comes after she accused her mother and the actor on Facebook of “stealing her holy destiny” a few days prior.

“My 50th birthday celebration last year on my mind today. The picture below is a classical depict of one surrounded by decadently first class, first degree pretentious relathieves.

A wickedly deceptive mother with inborn satanic evil greed on my right, and a younger sister who out of love for money and worldly lusts and pride of life, attempted temporarily “stole ” my divine destiny (in her myopic inglorious foolishness she doesn’t know that microscope portion the devil can afford to steal for her is useless and to her eternal shame in a very short while) on my left.

Looking at the deceptive show of love and lying appearance NO ONE can never know!

Both are avid churchgoers and same known in the kingdom of darkness. Smh

My prayer henceforth: “Daddy God am tired of these 2 burdens; am tired of being sentimental; am tired of hiding my pains with smiles; and tired of understanding they would repent as they continually take me for granted despite the long revelation from the Holy Spirit, of these household principality and an evil personality. Get them rid of me. Do the needful now, Abba Father remember Isaiah 45:11”


The angry sister reportedly accused her mother of refusing to assist her in repaying an N800,000 loan she had taken, according to information from PM News. She also charged the elderly woman with favoritism.

Luckily, the elderly woman wasn’t home when the fire started.

Also, it was claimed that after setting the house on fire, she reported herself to the police.

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