kemi adetiba

Cinematographer and TV host, Kemi Adetiba, who revealed she’s not intimidated by her male counterparts and has never bedded any man to get ahead in her career, has taken to her Instagram page to share her thoughts on making a decision she might end up regretting.

The Music video director who shared a picture of herself has decided to ask her followers opinion about chopping off her locks.

She wrote:

So guys… I need your help. I have been tempted to chop my hair into a “punkish” style for the last year now. @faithhistory’s amazing cut does not help matters. And then when I saw Taraji’s new cut ????? I almost drove to the barbers at midnight. Now the thing is, I might just be going through and early mid-life crisis making this an AWFUL idea. Plus, I don’t have the most delicate features so I’m worried if this cut will suit me. On the flip side, I feel this cut DOES suit my super spunky, playful and colorful personality ? Plus, my hair grows super fast, and I could have it back to long length in about a year or so. Althouuuuggghhhh I’m getting older ?so that last declaration might be dented by age. I don’t want to be permanently bald if this idea goes south ???Also my hair is relaxed. Would it work on processed hair??? I’m all for low maintenance of EVERYTHING, especially my hair. If it has to be primed and propped on a daily, sign me OUT!!! ✋? So.. I’m throwing it to you guys… What do y’all think? ? or ? And anyone that says ? and this turns out to be the greatest mistake of my life… Hmmmmmmmm… We are all sharing the embarrassment together ohhhhh. So choose wisely ?

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