Mimi Orijekwe has once again taken to social media to slam her ex-husband actor, Charles Billion.

She and hinted that she is might be coming for him over  child support.

According to Mimi Orijekwe, Charles Billion should fund their child’s account or forget about her completely. Her post reads;

Mimi Orijekwe had before now, revealed why her experience with her ex-husband Charles Billion has made her a better person. Speaking with Punch NG, the single mother of one disclosed that her marriage to the actor was a mistake. She said;

“My failed marriage was a lesson. My baby is a product of the marriage and I love her a lot. I also believe that God made me pass through the experience for me to be in a better place. I don’t have a cordial relationship with my ex-husband (Charles Billion), but the baby keeps us together from a distance.

I am not bitter with men even after the experience. I cannot say I was always right but I am a superwoman and I try my best to make everyone around me happy. We dated for three years before getting married in 2015; so, I didn’t rush into it.

“However, I plan to remarry. I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting married to an entertainer; it is about marrying the right person. If I want to get married again, I will pay attention to every little detail. I will not just fall in love with any man for his wealth or looks.”

“Last year was beautiful for me because I had my baby girl. It was a new beginning in my life. I became a mother and everything changed. In order to care adequately for my daughter, I had to cut back on travelling.

“Right now, I am struggling to shed some weight. I gained weight when I had my baby because I had to breastfeed her for a long time, but I was slim while pregnant. However, I work out every morning and I am on a diet.

Though I anticipated that I would get fat and my stomach would be bigger, the joy of being a mother supersedes all that. You can always fix your body later and it is worth sacrificing your body to have a child.”

“I recently unveiled a make-up line for women. I want to contribute to society by providing quality services. It is a store where cosmetics are sold but we are focusing on a make-up line for women right now.

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