Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Spyro, has caused a stir after screenshots of his Instagram direct message (DM) to popular American actress, Meagan Good, surfaced online.

Apparently, the “Who’s Your Guy” crooner has had a huge crush on the American screen diva and has been trying to get her attention since 2021.

In a screenshot of their chat posted on Instagram by entertainer Tunde Ednut, Spyro is seen expressing his desire to meet Meagan one day in a message he sent her in 2021.

In another recent message, the music star informs Meagan that he has become a big star with the success of his song, “Who’s Your Guy.”

Spyro acknowledges the age difference between them but believes that “age is just a number” and that he is a “complete package” that Meagan should not overlook.

He even noted that he is willing to take her surname if she agrees to marry him.

“Hello Meagan. This is a profession of faith, as God lives and his spirit lives I will meet you one day very soon and we will work together. I have come again my love. I know you don’t know me but my love for you knows no bound … I will always love you Meagan. I am blown now and ready to settle down and it’s you I want before casava start to age.

“You might wanna say but I ain’t your age mate but age is just a number o. Meagan ‚don’t miss out on me as I am a complete package. I don’t mind taking up your surname instead of you taking mine cos we are GOOD together baby & look at me well ‚I ain’t bad a man you know. I am doing great ,is me that sang “WHO IS YOUR GUY” o and I want to be your GUY. You will see this IJN, when you do. pls hit me up on +**** link up, can fly anywhere FOR YOU.” His message read.

Read the chats below,

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