Woman narrates

A Nigerian woman has narrated how her son was miraculously healed from the injuries he sustained after falling from a storey building.

The woman shared her testimony at the Living Faith Church in Ota, Ogun state – pastored by popular clergyman, Bishop David Oyedepo – on Sunday, January 22.

Recounting the incident, the woman said her son fell from a storey building and landed on a tiled floor. Due to the impact of the fall, his head got seven times bigger than it’s normal size and his eyes bulged out of it’s sockets.

She said her son was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention but the doctors struggled to administer oxygen on him.

According to her, on the night of the incident, she was praying with the church’s prayer guideline when a man, whom she claimed was Jesus Christ, appeared to her.

She said ‘Jesus’ asked about the predicament of her son, and proceeded to stretch his leg and turned his head on his hospital bed, before disappearing.

Woman narrates

She said the following morning when a doctor came to examine her son, he certified him okay and said he can be discharged, to her utmost surprise.

Speaking further, she said her son who couldn’t walk after the incident started walking and running in a short time.

She said the miraculous encounter caused a major stir in their neighbourhood and everyone, including a Babalawo’s son, came to fellowship with them.

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