Angel lashes

Big Brother Naija star, Angel Smith has fired back at media personality, Nedu Wazobia, for claiming female BBNaija stars have nothing to offer except sex.

Nedu had stated this during a recent episode of his podcast, ‘The Honest Bunch Podcast’. According to him, most women intentionally go for the reality TV show to get more customers for their bodies. Read here

The popular host evidently stepped on some toes with his statement as he has been lambasted by some BBNaija stars, including Angel.

 Angel lashes

In a series of tweets shared on Twitter, the 22-year-old star averred that Nedu is misogynistic and hates seeing women progress.

She added that he is free to get a sugar daddy to bankroll his lifestyle, if he wants one instead of throwing jabs at women.

Angel tweeted,

“This is all so old and boring, I don’t know why men can’t just mind their business. So many women have come out of big brother to become actresses, start businesses and actually have a solid brand but because y’all are so misogYnistic and uninformed you say rubbish.
Every time it’s a man in the industry slYtsh@ming women, you’re over 40, if you want a sugar daddy then maybe get one, nobody is stopping you.
Look how happily he’s saying it. You people will shame women for having consensual sex and be surprised when men sexually assault women. Toto plaintiff, box patrollers, the coochie constables.

 Angel lashes

Like this topic pisses me off so much, then you people will come online and say “Nawa o, so she f**ks for money and she’s oppressing us, don’t believe everything on social media” nobody is oppressing you my dear, you’re just a jealous rat.
You people never talk about the men in big brother when they’re buying their cars and watches and buying houses but let it be a woman, all of a sudden everyone wants to know her sponsor. Do you people know their own sponsor?
Mercy has multiple businesses and is still relevant,Tacha is one of the best influencers we’ve had in naij and has multiple businesses, Nengi, Erica, Liquorose, Uriel, Anto , so many great women have come out of the show, just say you’re scared of successful women.

How many of the men do you see displaying such wealth? Asides from Frood that recently posted his house and that’s how many yrs after leaving the show. You pple shld be honest with yourselves the women’s lifestyle does not correspond with whatever they show as a source of income it.

Why do you want to know what the women in big brother are doing to make money??If truly we are sle ping with men for money, do you want us to show you where the men are so you sef go put your b m b m in the air? When we’re starting businesses, acting etc you guys won’t talk”

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