Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Miss Anambra 2015, Chidinma Okeke May Get Suicidal Over Her Sex Scandal”

Chichi Umeseaka
Chichi Umeseaka

Inspiration fm OAP/youth counselor and president of the 9ineteen foundation on her instagram page weighed in on the leaked sex video of former Miss Anambra and also volunteered to counsel her and help her through this.

On her instagram page she wrote this “Matters arising Monday.



“So, one of my people sent me a message that I should check out the Compromizing Video of Miss Anambra State, Chidinma Okeke. I was so distraught that I barely slept. I felt more of pity for her than wanting to crucify her; I’m I one to condone such rubbish ‘No way’.

However, the deed has been done and if care is not taken this girl may end up committing suicide. As much as you may want to hate her let’s find a way to help her deal with this. So I’m extending my hands to hug her; As a certified Teenage/Youth Counselor, I sincerely would want to help her deal with this mess. So, help give me her details if you have her contact or let her contact me 08077567379 or my mail [email protected] and please peope let’s all show her some love and join hands to condem those who leaked this video for whatever reason.

I am a teenage/ youth life Coach and can authoritaively say that things like this can push one into depression. Lets not wait till when we have to start writting RIPs.. Its time to love… Chi chi

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Comments 397

  1. Anie Edet says:

    Hip Hop General

  2. Evelyn Ubeke says:

    Didn’t she think if that before going for d fingers.rubbish gal

    • u gt conscience @ all???

    • Don’t mind her… video apart, how sure are you guys?

    • Anie Edet says:


    • It bothers me when the “so called women decide”to talk like men.God can you wish her death.

    • They r jxt showing their wicked mind
      No sympathy at all

    • Holier than thou.

    • I have the video she’s a cucumber girl, the video is so true and she’s so stupid

    • Continue she’s a cucumber girl very soon you go tell us which fruit you use too.

    • Obi Joy says:

      Nobody holy pass, u r not a lesbian doesn’t mean you don’t fornicate, lie, follow sugar daddy etc.

    • Birds of the same feather hahahaha them the labalaba together says Jennifer’s diary, insult me and support her baa wahala hahahaha cucumber babe.

    • Obi Joy says:

      Lina Ugwuegbulam abi are you a virgin?

    • Lina abeg just shut the fuck up if u don’t have anything reasonable to say…. You no dy sin, or u don’t have any dark secrets, abi u be virgin???… Nonsense

    • Obi Joy leave the girl na her type they go video even without her knowing about it,o bia ebe a ibere anyi akwa,person do lesbian na with her body oo she no use your body or your generation body,e come dey pepper you pass,no go think of what to do about this recession wey we dey so,dey there dey think of the rich miss Anambra wey don pack her money go.

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Chioma Okweleze na now I no say people no get time and dey sabi pretend,na u fit dem here

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Some girls comment dey annoying me….u no say those ones way dey pretend na dem do pass if dey see chance… d girl na lesbian or not na her body,where she dey now she dey enjoy media jos bring out DAT one to make people talk,after all na we get so many celeb way b one…

    • Amanda Prox says:

      E jos b like guy way dey do yahoo dey trick people to chop dere money….wetin come b guys own here….even girls way suppose dey pity her….na like DAT dey talk say Tonto dike do sex video for Ghana today na she done marry….some people are created to b hypocrites

    • Leave girls jare,e fit even be girl wey leak that video

    • What is the point ?
      1) she shouldn’t be admonished ?
      2)she’s free to do so get away with it and still get married ?
      3) she didn’t doctorate it?
      I’m lost

    • Although I feel something is fishy about that video
      Someone whispered “remove your hand ”
      Sounds more of a threat
      Maybe they were made to do that video at gun point

    • Victor Umeh says:

      Julita Akuoma what else do u need for a proof Dan the video. The issue here is all about remediation of the deed.

    • Hmmmmm you girls are serious supporting evil. Kikikikiikikikkkikikiki odimma let’s just pray for her to stop the act n repent . let’s pray too that court won’t gv 14years honeymoon kikikikikiiikikiiikiki.stop judging and criticizing .we all need Christ!!!

    • Hahahaha hahahaha I can only laugh out loud, I still repeat birds of the same feather flows together or labalaba together, call me names and support her cos she’s your kind.

    • Less I forget if you say she’s not the one (I have the video) if you need it let me know.

    • see them. Lesbians everywhere, God save us

    • Evelyn Ubeke says:

      Hmmmmmm.I lack words.girls pls go for guys.its sweeter.not fingers

    • No girl is straight, they are either Gay or bisexual, and if you are not a virgin wither male or female you have no moral right to cast any store here

  3. Miss Cucumber 2015… In falz voice.. ”Your work fear has just confirmed ”

  4. Please we all have our own past,leave this lady alone let her be

  5. Ayk Kerian says:

    Pls remember to update us when ever she did it

  6. Same news…who cares

  7. Kabir Garba says:

    Talo ran egun n’ise…

    Commit suicide and receive more flogging on judgement day, in short we won’t be able to laugh at ‘cos we be there worrying bout how we gon excape punishment too. Itz a free world… we ain’t stopping you from committing suicide this ain’t europe

    • Godwin Sarah says:


    • I won’t b dia ooo

    • To read and understand is not as hard as it seems. ‘May’ and ‘will’ no be dsame aboki

    • Kabir Garba says:

      Aniunoh Ikenna Gabriel I guess you’re among those that wrote WAEC thrice or more that’s why you felt teaching us UNDERSTANDING GRAMMAR OR SENTENCE will do us good abi?
      So for ur info. even if the headline says MAY, all I’m saying is she’s free to do whatever she like ‘cos it’s a FREE WORLD. We ain’t stoping her, it’s her decision to take.

      So next time read to understand inu go

    • Kabir garba, I bet that girl is far much better than you. You’re so git and piglet, likewise your boring lines… Get a life bro, keep your garbage and shitty professional dry comments to yourself. Get over it! Be real and stop being China.

    • Kabir Garba says:

      Better than me? Who’s even dragging that? I’m not even competing with no one you hear me?

      Itz called social media and I can fucking comment whatever I want and that’s same reason I ain’t even angry at your comment or abuses ‘cos I 100% believe you won’t dare do that one on one so enjoy yourself anu nkita

  8. Na U wan kill her

  9. Please let her not people make mistakes.

  10. “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18).

  11. that would be better hell will be easy for you to enter ,no more question again

  12. If you like go and jump into river Niger who cares

  13. Why can’t you people mind your own business,.. An let her be….for Christ sake,bloggers will form different story upstir and people will be judge, justice, and lawyer ,..intervening in someone issues,…… Let God be the one to judge and not we,….if that is the true

    • Add me on WhatsApp lemme send u the video so that you will stop blabbing

    • Christian Nduka Emmanuel please can I have the video

    • Let me see d video.

    • I can’t give you my number @ Christian nduka,…but even if she is involved allowed God to judge her,…. Becox this bloggers that published this story,.. But not less that three months time,…. They will stil published another story,.. Telling you that the girl,did not see cucumber, not even using it

    • James Victor says:

      by their comment u shall know dem miss cucumber

    • Okey Ifebude says:

      Don’t even know how to defend her anymore, this one is more clearer than the first one… gush

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Wat d diff between cucumber and d third leg

    • @ James Victor,…. What is the meaning of your comment,…your entire generation mainly females are miss cucumber,…. Rubbish

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Abeg make Una leave tory for matress

    • Amanda Prox says:

      One tin abt people is dey can’t seize to stop talk…if u do gud problem,if u do bad problem make una leave her jor

    • I’ll appreciate if u pple will let her be, abeg make una free her

    • D way u guys re talking abt it as if it’s ur 2nd skin is quite disgusting.. Get busy pls.

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Plss….let her forget d scandel and do more,u do wat makes u happy,afterall rihanna shot a les video and she said she don’t give a fuck wat d world tinks as long she is make her money.

    • @precillia nte, you are a suspect! Let’s learn to condemn evil, stop using the word God will judge, is like encouraging people to sin, after all God will judge, mind your words because of innocent people, not for people like you, who is waiting for God’s judgment. You better repent now!

    • U people should free her please U are not God to judge her even thou she did it dats wat make her happy allow God to judge

    • Faith Angel says:

      @precillia u will form, brag n insult people u can’t even talk with one on one instead to learn, your best friend might destroy your destiny…. Go watch the videos 1&2, it’s everywhere…. I watch 1 on Facebook and 2 on Twitter, it is real pray u don’t fall a victim because it is suicide

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Hmmm…….speechless but I no in d ten commandment it was written thou shall not commit adultery

    • @ slyvermentor ezeh, low mentality, kill yourself, after your judgment, if your parents use cucumber then am a suspect,…. You that is condemning her,….if they look deep inside you,…you worst more than her, becox I never encourage her of what she did,..but we should not be the one to judge her,understand my point

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Thou shall not wear what partake to a man….I did not see thou shall not sleep with same sex

    • Amanda Prox says:

      I only no go into d world and multiple…..

    • Amanda Prox says:

      But it does not stop u from doing what u want,u people shld stop using d name of our God in vain…..plss we were born into sin so no one is a saint no one shld act like a holy saint or he or she don’t no wat sin is

    • Amanda Prox says:

      @faith Angel y u no watch 3 for watsapp,4 for utube

    • no be only youtube,e go watch am for skype,snap chat…

    • Junior Jnr says:

      Amanda Prox,,,,, even d Satan in d Bible which is known as Serpent approached naked Eve nt naked Adam!!!!! D question nw is was Adam nt naked on dat scene??????

    • @ faith angel,…if you still need my insult, I will give you and with stand you,…..I don’t know why you people don’t understand English,… I never encourage what she did,…becox everybody will stand one day to give account of what you do,… shouldn’t be the person to judge her

    • Amanda Prox says:

      DAT it…..

    • Amanda Prox says:

      My dear Precillia Nte u don’t need to get worked up, cos my Frd do said it only d guilty owns will want to clear dere mind by accusing or mis quoting

    • My dear tnx,…. I mute for them to continued with there rubbish comments

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Someone…..wen dey shld b talking of buhari dem dey talk of person way dey one side dey flex with her girls……crown dey her head so no matter what dem talk e no go comot.

    • Tina Manuel says:

      And those watching it are not sinners too? Who is fooling who?

    • Olaedo Chi says:

      I saw the video on sunday. I thought it is not true

    • Please wait till court gv the 14years of honeymoon then we continue the background judging n criticizing kikikikikikikiki we all need Jesus .

    • Damn! So many fu*king lesbians everywhere! Oh lord, guide my future wife. SMH

    • Chief judge @ sylvermentor ezeh….you don’t understand simple English,…. Go and learn ,becox nobody is encouraging what she did,…..but don’t judge,….. You that is judging her,if they look at you very well,…you have done the worst,….But keep your righteousness to yourself……allowed God that create her to judge her

    • Lolz lesbianism…If is with the opposite sex is manageable…birds of same feathers ranting

    • All those who watched should repent. You cannot watch and be judging. If you knew that there was nudity and you still clicked and watch you have sinned.

    • @Precillia Nte, I disagree with you, if you are not a lesbian, I don’t see the reason you will defend yourself by saying that you can not judge. Is like when a thief will encourage people to steal because he have been stealing . even if you are a sinner you must tell people to stop that every body will know that sin is not good.

    • My dear, did you said we sud mind our business, see as long as we’re in Internet this is our business OK.

    • Nte is a lesbian

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Agu Ifeanyi Leo what makes u tink it manageable?? Were in d bible is it written in d 10comandment DAT same sex is a sin…..instead it was written adultery

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh wat ur point now?? Even if she is a lesbian or not,u want to tell me u ve not commit adultery before known or unknown

    • Amanda Prox says:

      If anyone cld tell me in d bible were it was written….I will know I need to go to church and ask for forgiveness

    • Amanda Prox says:

      If been a lesbian gives you pleasure u do it…..anything u feel it gives pleasure u do cos some men derive pleasure in drink,gossip,back bite all does tins God said we shld not do

    • Amanda Prox says:

      OK for instead God destroy Sodom and gomora but not becos of same sex,instead it was becos d adultery dere was much dey went against all d rules God give out…..we all are sinners but we ask God to forgive us each day…..becos we don’t no wat we are doing…. No body shld blame anyone becos of any other person mistake….both u d video watcher and d artist is d same punishment infact u d watcher ur sin is high becos u no d content yet u still watch it

    • Faith Angel says:

      @amanda are u a lesbian

    • Edith Ezeh says:

      And now she has returned the crown… I jst pray she doesn’t commit suicide.?

    • @ Stanley akachukwu you are more than a foolish even your entire generation are foolish and they are also a lesbian

    • A set of foolish men,homeless and jobless, nonentity,full with stupidity speaking senseless talk,…..I mute becox you guys are nothing but disgrace to other men,…..All are men but few are real men

    • Amanda Prox…it sounds very funny when u compare Rihanna’s les video with this miss anambra (cucumber). Ee b like say u don’t knw d country wey we dey… I just pray dey don’t start stoning dat girl on d streets for this her public disgrace nd abominations.

    • Amanda Prox says:

      @faith Angel na crime if I be one??

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Abi is it written on face….abeg if u name dey find person way in go use do talk of d town go for riri and shakari

    • Amanda Prox says:

      @peter leave DAT one no b only stone na bread,nottin is happening dey jos talk dat one to open media u will so supraise DAT it d same media DAT will tell u dere was a error in d camera b u no see jenny ooo way she do for ghana ….but she no send

    • @Amanda prox, you are suffering from a disease called schizophrenia and you need psychiatric attention! You’re nothing but a cheap whore by coming on social media to tell people that you are a lesbian,even asking where is written in the bible and ten commandments! You are a bastard, if you have a good background you will not be saying trash here, you have portrait your deranged mind on social media! Please don’t corrupt innocent people, because you have mess up with your life and you want to destroy innocent people. Be warned!

    • Gift Chizoba says:

      Amanda Prox Am Not Surprised At Your Pics. Even With Seeing Your Pics. I Think Chidimma Is Better Than You.

    • i can sight her fellow lesbian in this thread, continue, one day, one of your own will expose you too. that is why i hate girls, they are not secretive at all. one of the girls that practice in this evil act expose her cos of fame.

    • @Amanda Prox, you are a disgrace to women folks and your family! Very soon you will be expose, bear in mind that Nigeria has not turned to soldom and Gomorrah! Repent now and accept Jesus christ as your savior! No repentance in the grave!

  14. It’s her life.u people shud let her be

  15. Still gat the video of miss anambra lesbianism video..indicate if u need…
    i take pleasure from wot brings pain to women becos of wot they’ve cost me and I am gonna revenge their deeds…so help me GOD

  16. Mhexh Okafor says:

    I think that by now, what is needed most from her is strong counseling. I sensed that that young promising girl might take her life. She has done it and it has been seen by the public. It’s time for mental rehab. It doesn’t worth taking her life. It was still here that Ghanian girl played sex scenes but never hanged by the authorities. I think she should go and stay in a convent for proper cleansing. For Oyibo land dem dey marry ashawo

  17. Godwin Sarah says:

    Too bad

  18. Make I hear, you have already made her a celebrity

  19. Who else can be worse… Only something new… Kim Kardashian and the rest turnout to be who they are simply Becus they never gave a damn…. Young wild and free to bad you got caught and explored.. Seriously We all had our backsides but to God be the glory those day seems to be our days of ignorance and memories…. So think twice by showing your color…like cosy and the rest…

  20. Who cares if she Commit suicide? who she epp? na me send am to show the world her black pussy

  21. Anita Isreal says:

    I fell for the poor girl, but she was stupid to have allowed some one to video her

    • James Victor says:

      she enjoyed the cucumber

    • @Anita isreal, so you support the girl and blaming her for allowing some one to video her! Shame on you girls

    • Anita Isreal says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh,pls kindly read my comment properly, I’m not in support of her

    • @Anita Isreal, I read your comment, you should have blame the girl for being a lesbian, not blaming her for allowing some one to video her, meaning she would have indulged in the porn acting secret without allowing anybody to video her, atimes you girls don’t even know what you comment until somebody correct . even upon that you will not admit the mistakes. May God have mercy on you girls

    • Anita Isreal says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh,God have mercy on u too. Mr genius

    • @Anita Isreal, what does it profit a man when he gained the whole world and loose the kingdom of God! Repent now and give your life to christ, there’s no repentance in the grave!

    • Anita Isreal says:

      Look who’s preaching mtchew dumbest

    • @Anita Isreal, don’t involve yourself in evil act, for the sake of God, please!

  22. But why on earth should someone in their right senses video their sex play?

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Maybe d person is trying to blackmail her

    • Nothing like blackmail my dear .the two actress and the camera/director, location manager, light girl,set designer,stylist,costumier dat brought the cucumber ,they all decided to shoot the movie. Nothing like blackmail please. Kikikikikikikikikiki we all need Jesus

    • Pure porn video, women are useless, they keep on blaming her for allowing the video to leak or allowing people to video her, that to prove that they didn’t not see anything bad being a lesbian, instead of those girls to blame her for being a lesbian, they’re blaming her to video the porn, that is to show that 99% girls are lesbians. They are practicing porn video they are watching . abomination

  23. All these people supporting her,I just dey look una with one eye o

  24. We all make mistakes d best thing is to learn from dem but if she wna kill herself…she’s free.

  25. Ogaba Cjboy says:

    Kingsley nd precillia I da suspect una, una look lyk 1 of dem

  26. Abilitee Jay says:

    If you want to be a celebrity you gotta to be ready for anything.

    • Amanda Prox says:

      Wen she was gud no body no her DAT much,now d gud girl gone bad y are people complaining

    • I don’t fancy all this actress and model, they can do anything, just to be a star. Let her seek the face of God, this is the right time.

  27. Leave her alone.
    Stop killing a image..

  28. U guyz should let her b abeg…

  29. Stop disturbing her future…
    If you don’t have any thing to say , go and sleep…

  30. Haha hell has more space to accommodate lesbians like u

  31. Yeye dey smell she was too foolish to allow someone to video her that’s y you can’t trust anyone it’s one of her friends that will leak the video and post it on Internet so y you people blame those that are comment on what she did was wrong instead of you people to blame her and the person who leak the video please let call spade a spade what she did was wrong even if it’s her life so she was so foolish to allow someone to record her in the first place or maybe she forget that she’s a celebrity she shouldn’t have allowed them to record her in this kind of bad act so disgusting

    • Thank you my brother

    • Sm said blackmail Nothing like blackmail my dear .the two actress and the camera/director, location manager, light girl,set designer,stylist,costumier dat brought the cucumber ,they all decided to shoot the movie. Nothing like blackmail please. Kikikikikikikikikiki we all need Jesus

  32. all have sinned and come short of the glory of God

  33. Only God can judge her
    case closed
    court arise!!!
    Everybody qo home and mind ur bizness!!!

    Shes not the cause of ur problem
    so why throwinq dirt on her name?

    If she dies her blood will be on the hands of those responsible for this

  34. Please someone should tell the parents about it for them to come and take her home before she do something more stupid

  35. James Victor says:

    wetin concern me

  36. That’s how they are all of them . I mean all

  37. Yabaleft that is what u want na,if u guys like keep posting

  38. Let a family member or someone out there reach out for her; she needs help and genuine one fast!

  39. Is that thing cucumber or what?

  40. Ugwu Gladys says:

    Scandal abi the truth?

  41. Media is forming nothing I saw too of dis tin so I decided to use ma vidmate to download d video. It’s a shame dou

  42. Well, she can do whatever she wants. Every action has consequences and she did this one with eyes wide open so only she alone has to face her shame, embarrassment and disgrace…we all have vices and we have to be responsible enough to keep them under wraps in our closet. When the shit comes out, the system is hang us out to dry…that’s how its designed!

  43. Just like someone told me I have a sister and what if she was ; in my last comments
    1) a lot of nigerians are hypocrites if not y will you be so shameless to come out and say i stand with ……
    2) I hope by standing with her on social media u will follow her to jail if it turns out to that
    3) advise people and pray for them when there is need not giving them false and fake hopes like they’ve done well and deserved recommendations because we all have our pasts
    4) a thief is only sorry when he’s caught; she denied the first video means she’s not remorseful and thinks she can fool everybody
    5) keeping silent would have even helped her a bit but for the blab after the first video even claiming her lawyers r doing bla bla….
    6)in as much as we shouldn’t make her get ….. to think of suicide we should also rebuke her or not being shameless to claim to stand with her
    What is bad is bad lesbianism gay thief 419 loot government fund all na sin b4 God

  44. All of you sharing and making her life bitter. I hope you’ll get satisfaction if u hear she’s dead? You won’t stay here for ever. You might even die before her and will be judge by him who has ultimate rights to judge.

    • Who send her massage she did it with passion

    • No one my brother. Not in support of her act’s myself. but who’s without sin. If all our evil deeds are converted into load we must carry everyday. My brother, even the unborn will be crippled. See her as a sister. Hate is stressful but love is pure. Rispek

  45. The problem is that ladies may have to explain themselves when next they are buying cucumber to avoid strange looks from people around you oh!

  46. Ik Mbano says:

    CUCUMBER ………………………..

  47. Is she die now, na una go dey type rest in peace.

  48. James Ogiso says:

    Babe no mind them oooooooo abi una no dey fuck……. Demon’s

  49. Na she sabi…

  50. And so who send her ? She dey craz, me self I no send. Go ahead

  51. Moral lesson: Don’t make life choices you cannot live with!

  52. Somebody will soon say that the devil pushed her into the scene/sin!

  53. Ogo Nwajei says:

    I really don’t know why people like to destroy other people’s image, we should fear God in wat ever we do. Always remember that wen ever u point one finger to someone, there remaining 4 is point back to u. Father pls help her n see her thru in times like dis IJNIP Amen. It is well ooooo

  54. I rili. Feel for ha, dat wen hez older anwana get married, ds vedeo will arise again, y did she allow a third party?she shuld av not allow dat, deris secrets she shuld no dat, shez d coz, but y shuld she do wuman to wuman? Its a big sin in d syt of God an man

  55. I’m just waiting to see if the jail punishment for lesbianism will be given to her (if she is found guilty)!

  56. I saw d film was ashmed as awuman, evri one has seen it, mabe she did it for money

  57. Pls and pls let’s forget about this, make una leave d girl alone abeg. if I get her contact I go make sure I show her love and also counsel her the best way I can. we all are sinners no one is righteousness… but if u are here without blemish pls cast the stone

    • @Chinedu E A, Nelson, you are a fool, you people are the reason why evil is increasing, you have picked quotation in the bible to defend your atrocities, you people should learn how to castigate people when you found them going astray, with all this preposterous comment, you people are encouraging evil, let us call a spade a spade, rather than using the word that you can’t judge, meaning you are a sinner and you want people to join you. Be warned!

    • Chai its a pity dat at my age I don’t change words with faceless being, continue ranting my brother the Lord is ur strenght

    • Pastor nedu

    • Am still laughing at this pretenders, does the worst,…..what did he said that you called him a fool,….look at you that called yourself a Christian,.. @ nelson chinedu ,..thank you for not answering him,……agent of darkness mainuplate there self in human format roaming about,looking for whom to deceived

    • Meaning you’re a sinner and you want people to join you,……be warned!!! Even with this comment I no whom you are,…. because all are sinner and come shout of the Glory of God,……slyvermentor ezeh mentioned one person in the whole world that you show that is the perfect or most righteous in this world

  58. That is the devil for u…he used her and dump her,,,,,cos God make it a male and a female when he created the why the lesbians? And devil him self is not even a guy, that was why he aproch Eve.

  59. The big question is did she do it

  60. Musa Hudu says:

    You guys should leave her alone whether she’s the one or she’s not, let her do what she thinks is the right thing to do biko!

  61. Abeg make Una send am to me I wan see am na only pictures I see I never see videos

  62. I don’t kno what we gain by discussing irrelevant issues. she committed lesbianism fine and with who. possibly someone wants to set her up just to radical her and her future pls free her soul cause u won’t benefit her death leave for God pls

  63. I Promise never to comment on anything concerning this girl again!

  64. Don’t judge because you sin differently

    • Please read ur Bible very well. It is better u pray for her. Don’t compromise. Don’t say anything compromising about dat act. Should we continue in sin because there is grace? Let’s call a spade a spade and stop polishing sin

    • I said don’t judge I didn’t say she was right in doing what she did, any way who are u to judge when you are a sinner yourself, it’s only God who can judge, he who is without sin shd throw the first stone, I pray she finds someone to lead her to the right path

    • @Marjorie Kyerematen, stop deceiving yourself with don’t judge, except you are one of them, we will judge you people for you people realize what is bad and good, don’t cover your atrocities by don’t judge, if not because of you people that have been already corrupt but because of innocent people!

    • Hahaha very funny who do you call innocent, judge all u want it’s your choice, and we will all pay for our choices including u and her, I will rather preach what my bible says, judge not and be not judge, as for your other childish comments, I leave u to your conscience, we are all sinners saved by Grace, shd she have done what she did? NO,! DOES God give her a second chance YES SIR… SO, I MRS MARJORIE KYEREMATEN WILL LOVE HER AS CHRIST LOVES HER….

    • Ur sin mate

  65. If she die I pray she’ll
    First go to that fool who leak the video and the bloggers ..kill them all ..

  66. She is free to do anything ok if she wants too, who cares? when she was busy directing the movie we were not there Na. She will overcome by the grace of God. Is part of life, other girls will learn from her very own experience

  67. Who send her??

  68. Actually.. Frm d comments nd replies.. Anthony answer myt jst b d best d lady needs to hear

  69. Eno concern me oooo

  70. Una dey mad. Dis gal is a pure lesbian no need helping her

  71. Yabal nawa ooo I knw u won’t allow her to rest

  72. Onyeka Okoh says:

    Concern me

  73. Zino Banks says:

    We all knw wht she did was wrong bt no 1 is in d rite position 2 judge her cos sin is sin. Y nt let her b nd let’s mind our own problems. We should b praying 4 our country 2 get better nd stop looking at people life’s .abeg mk wh na live d gal alone, pls if anyone knws d dude dat is posting her pics . Pls tell dem 2 stop cos no 1 is righteous. Nd God bless d person dat set her up. Cos karma still exists

  74. If she anything happens to her government should hold Nigeria bloggers responsible because the way they are sharing sex video and leak picture of Nigeria ladies is getting out of hand you bloggers should always have this in mind that does ladies you share their picture and sex video have families just like you so cover them just as you do to your family we all make mistakes

  75. Seriously…….i thank God for the exposure i have gat in life…
    I just can’t believe a mere rumour just like that…that would be tacky of me…..Now,Miss Chidimma is someone you don’t know,you haven’t even met her before…..condemning her in her absent makes no sense at all………i read most comments here and believed that some people need to go back to elementary 1…….if possible,nursery…Yes i gat my reasons for saying that….As for the bloggers…..they will always twist everything…..Linda ikeji is a dam reach girl now cus of what she say about people….both the truthful one fake ones…..#imout

  76. Abraham Ezeh says:

    why do u even choose to become a lesbian. Dnt u see boy or men around.

  77. Abeg you people should leave the poor girl alone! Who is without sin in this world? By the help of Christ Jesus if it actually what she is living in, I know Christ Jesus will not abandon her because He died so that we will be saved! So people condemn her no more rather giver her word of Encouragement to quit the life style. Thank you!

  78. Ify Louis says:

    Those supporting ds lady are birds of d same feather of course. Let’s call evil an evil. Such is a taboo in igbo land even in Christendom. we r are not Europeans pls for those stupid ones referring to kaddesians. Condem evil first nd counselling follows nd not standing by her atrocity acts.

    • Gbam

    • @ify louis, you are the only girl that have made a good point here, I begin to wonder if all the girls has become a lesbian, reading their comments it’s absolutely lackadaisical! You will hear everybody is a sinner, some will say some of you are doing worster than what she did, it’s her life, let her be, I can’t judge! Wow girls are so funny, now I knew that most this girls are practicing what they were watching in the porn video. Even now, they have not seen anything wrong being a lesbian! Abomination!

    • @ify louis, you have proved to me that there are some in innocent girls, who still have fear of God and believe that abomination can’t be a tradition.Tifiakwa! May God bless you! Because of your this comment God’s blessing will never bass you by.

  79. Show her love.
    Lead her to a very caring and loving God.
    She won’t commit suicide

  80. Nancy Gajir says:

    Don’t do any thing.stupid oo just pray and fast it is well

  81. Who ever dat is sharing the video is also Involve in the act. May be he or she is trying to blackmail her with the videos to get something from but she refuse dat is why the video was Leak. I think so.

  82. Nancy Gajir says:

    Don’t mind them some pple are making love with their father.your case is not like that.

  83. Every day one stupid topic,pls stop showing this useless girl again and again am tired of seeing this nonsense.

  84. And again if you are the one showing that useless gay boy,pls stop showing such useless people.

  85. You caused every thing. If you had nt exposed her extra over, she d have been at peace but now you caused her plight. I think you should be held responsible should anything happens….

  86. You people should allow this lady be, haven’t you had enough? Are you people who are criticizing her without sin.

  87. Ma Ri An says:

    Who wouldn’t tho

  88. Nawaooooo she shud take it easy n don’t let the devil use her, it’s. Painful n shameful but with the grace of God all will be fine. Suicidal is not the best option, I will her the best.

  89. Olaedo Chi says:

    How truth is this news

  90. Olaedo Chi says:

    If it is truth, does the room didn’t has door, or does the door didn’t has bolt, or does the bolt of the door didn’t work well? Was she under influence of something, or does she want show people that she knows how to has sex? Pls how could a world oriented person like her belittled herself to the zero level? In fact am surprise abt this stupid act

  91. Mac Dera says:

    pick up ur sef and move weather true or false we ve heard of more worst aiiissshhhh so please chill

  92. Yahweh i know u send ur son to die for our sins,pls as u said in the holy book ,that ur if ur children who ‘re called by ur name should bend down and seek for ur face ‘you promised that u will hear from ur holy throne and forgive our sins.oh heavenly father,Eloha Chesed,pls if Chidimma asks for ur forgiveness, Yahweh pls forgive her sins and make her a better person .pls make her a vessel unto honor.For ur mercies endureth forever.Delete her evil deeds from the heart of people.For the whole earth is yours. Amin

  93. John Eguasa says:

    Pls leave her alone ooooo my people….

  94. Stellz says:

    Pity her seriously and the haters/back stabbers that streamed the video. She just has to b strong; The wind will blow over.

  95. Let just pray for her and her friend and God will help them over come this whole thing.

  96. Why kill yourself girl? Ask God for mercy and forgiveness, cos he alone can and will forgive your sins. No man is perfect nor a saint. You only need to mend your ways and flee from evil. Difficult times do not last, all these will surely pass.

  97. August Nuel says:

    Those of u supporting her.. Wud u do the same? She won’t kill herself. Also it a lesson to u gals snaping n sharing ur nudes to guys. Or was it d devil who recorded d scene? Shz bin doin it.. Just got exposed this time around. I pity her anyways but its her work #softwork.

  98. Nigerians!very unstable people. people are commenting:leave her o its her life,some are saying don’t judge her,others are saying nobody is perfect.but its still the same people who said negative things about her when the video leaked.Nigerians are like leaves on a tree,where ever the wind blows we take to that direction.

  99. While some Yoruba and Hausa boys are taking to homosexuality, some igbo girls are into lesbianism,all these are terrible and shameful happenings,may God help safe Nigeria

  100. But its not real

  101. Dany Onye says:

    ok we are waiting for the news

  102. August Nuel says:

    I don’t c y pple would encourage lesbianism. If anything happens to her it’s no 1’s fault but herz. I want to thank the bloggerz who made it public. I am very very sure most of u young ladies would learn from it.. If u like don’t learn from dis ur turn would come

  103. Singto Sonle Tamana

  104. Is not ova for her if only she turn to God for mercies.

  105. Cumcumber is working,dick is resting.Division of labor

  106. What ever that happen physically has been control spiritually ‘ what I mean by virtue of reality is that their is a devilish power behind that Queen ‘ the very day she was giving the miss anambra she was initiate so my Nigeria people let pls stop talking about this Gi

  107. Stop condemning her, she can be a better person 4 God, her sin is nt greater dan ours

  108. Seriously, the video leaker is mentally deranged.

  109. Lol.. If oyibo wan commit suicide, they need not publicize it. Na news we wan hear, what’s our business with her suicide intentions. Abi we follow am eat the money she got from the video, even if money wasn’t involved na we send am?. #Duh

  110. Did she just get famous? Because seriously I never knew of this girl until the sex tape.

  111. Plz u people should let this girl be, I think our society will be beta if we learn how to mind our business and think of our future and stop making another persons issue ur own,,,,,,,,, just a piece of advise, take it or leave it

    • U better stop doing urs because it will leak like this one and u will ask us to mind our business

    • I should stop doing wat? U are not serious, I can never be part of DAT God forbid, wat am saying is DAT we should mind our business, in this era of computer anything is possible and since she is denying it let’s leave her for God to judge

  112. Miss chidinma you made a mistake and we all do,this is a lesson for everyone..we get carried away at the heat of the moment and things go wrong. Never ever allow anyone video you doing anything not even your husband telling you as his wife to video you guys making love,it could fall into wrong hands. Whoever did this to you is envious of you,so I will beg you to stay strong at this point and if you have the funds you can leave the country and start your life over again and stay on the right path,God will help you.

    • The person is envious of her that is why she went and mess up herself right? My Dear people are the problem of themselves if she hasn’t done what she did would you have said that someone out there is envious of her? Is better for people to envy you without finding what to hold you for.

  113. All this things are story i wonder why people can’t mind their business they only wish to see her go down we should think if truly she did such a thing will she be stupid enough to video such dirty tin all this is just to black mail her but God we see her through

  114. I bet you she will never commit suicide if that is what the bloggers wished,but she will come out stronger in faith and fame.Gold is being tested by fire. I pray that God will send His holy spirit to console and strenghten her.