Saturday, April 1, 2023

Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke’s Lesbian sex video with her close friend Leaks…and it’s Messy..


Eish. This scandal is a serious one! and we refuse not to gist you all.


There’s this leaked video going round the internet of Queen Chidinma Okeke, From Orumba North. She was crowned the winner of Miss Anambra 2015 competition.

We don’t know who did it or why, all we know is she made love to another lady in the video and she used cucumber as a se.x toy.

The video shows her on a lesbian act with one of her close friends who happens to be her personal assistant by name ‘Ada’ and also the 3rd runner up at the queen of democracy 2014.

Many are claiming she did this all because of money. But apparently………well.

She has since come out to debunk the video. She says it was photoshopped. No luv! That video wasn’t photoshopped!

See her reactions below:

My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photo shopping.

This act is perpetrated by hodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light. I wish to say that the said image is certainly not mine by any stretch of imagination.

I am a highly responsible person who was brought up in a family with impeccable reputation. I can therefore not subscribe to such act how much more engage in same.

Meanwhile I have referred the matter to my lawyer for possible prosecution of the culprits and civil claim. Please be advised to discountenance the said photograph/ video and regard it as handiworks of detractors. Thank you.

Okeke Chidinma


Of course..People are slut shaming her! You really need to read Nigerians nasty comments to her. Check on her instagram page, or see their comments here

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  1. Gbesere oo

  2. Now This Blog is getting Interesting..Why not buy the right from or…and start rolling in 18+ videos…

    • Do you even understand the post before commenting?? Try and comprehend what the passed message is trying to let the people know before dropping some immature gibberish lines… Read in details and inasmuch the message is in details and with a proof (if there’s any) then, it’s trying to show that the act cannot be appluaded but condemnable, gotcha? Halt being myopic and quick to jugde.

    • How many hours does it take you to write all this?????

    • And also man Why was the video even surfaced on this blog if dey ain’t gradually Encouraging Xxx onto there blog… Some few months now you gone see nothing else to read or watch on this blog apart from All this bull craps post

    • So I think I know some few Blogs that started good with great news but ever since they started xrated pics or video they lose it instantly

    • Anie Edet says:

      u na porn lord o o… just visited the 2 sites

    • My parents taught me manners… Least i forget, try and learn how to be less sentimental. I won’t exchange much words with you and albeit that, dropping my ink..

    • Lool Owolabi Abayomi what you don’t understand is that bloggers make their money through juicy information. In a case like this involving a popular figure, it is termed ‘juicy’. The more people troop in, the more the blog gets paid and trust me, most people are always out for negative stuff as such.

    • Funny you Anie Edet bad boy

    • I was only Joking around About the fact tho!!!!

    • Stephanie Alexander

  3. Beauty without brain

  4. Pls I want to ask dis question. if a guy rape Lesbian can he still be jail

  5. Mamamia

  6. Berries DY says:

    Hmmmmm disgusting

  7. I got it…

  8. As she fine like dat

  9. U she dey talk say no be she? Abeg freestyle na you

  10. Kizzy Kay says:


  11. how could she?! my dear being a les is a lie from the pit of hell’ you guys enjoy nothing from that nasty act; why using cucumber then when there are real men with the real deal’ you better wake up and allow ur ordained man to begin his ministry on ur life, let him handle you for once and ur life will. not remain the same again!

  12. What a video!! Am so shocked

  13. Shame on you left people! Why would you want to be a party to the downfall and ultimate ruin of this young lady? Everyone makes mistakes, her misfortune is in the fact that hers is recorded(if it’s her). If she eventually commits suicide now out of shame, guess what, you are blood guilty too.

  14. celebraties all ouer the world are paid huge amount of money and injected with heroine to teach euil in a practical manner, thats why most of them die of drug addiction before 50yrs

  15. Y is it that,, when someone is making it in life,, the jealous ones wil be out there criticising her…. I dnt believe dis video…..continue,,, bfor it was actress Genevieve, Tonto Dike n Gozie the gospel musician… One day it wil be ur turn…Nonsense

  16. Such is life! I don’t even know what some humans find pleasurable in such a drastic dread deadly act that can ruin their life purposely? If their parents earlier choosed such a stupid act, won’t they be out of existence? Halt letting the devil use you to destroy the life of some youths and refrain from this please! My heart bleeds when ever i see the world heading to damnation. Is this what civilization merely all about? #fuckwesterncultureandcolonization

  17. Gal u re so cheap gush!! Cucumber?? What the heck plus the body is so bad

  18. Too cheap. All for social media fame.

  19. Like my Page Yummy empowerment

  20. Jesus Christ!.

  21. So these preety ladies prefer toilet to the OTHER room?
    No wonder their lives have alot of mess and shits it

  22. Haha keep bringing more jho and d idiot I’d from my LGA in anambra choi too casted and cucumber lol dats fucked

  23. So who recorded it? White body with black pussy,lol.

  24. Yaba or whatever ur called I’m so ashamed of u guys, hw can u stoop so low?

  25. God forgive u

  26. Repent dear s not too late

  27. soon they’ll start using iron rod.

  28. Sweetb Julz says:

    Too bad that whenever God Blessed someone…u pple will always look for something to cook up to bring the person down….Anyways i wont judge

    • Meaning?
      Are you supporting her or what!

    • Sweetb julz pls tell them oo

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      AdaMs EmmAnuel McCoy am in support of no one……Why leaking the video now? why was the video not leaked bfor? I guess the person who leaked this video was also part of it….abi did the person read her star to know that she was going to become great?…..all this are not necessary…..The person that leaked the video is just Jealous

    • Jealous or not my dear!!
      The point is…lesbianism is evil & a sin even before God!!
      So she deserves what ever she’s getting..

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      No doubt handsome….but u see i cant nd will never judge anyone….if it makes her happy to be a lez its her life….am not a lez nd will never be nd i cant judge anyone cos am not God…AdaMs EmmAnuel McCoy

    • Handsome?? Now that’s sweet!!
      You’ve judged correctly but I still think she deserves whatever she got.

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Shift jare….u that always come at us (ladies)for no reason nko?…..AdaMs EmmAnuel McCoy

    • U blind u nor watch the video

    • Dat video ain real guy,its was photoshoped mehn,leave the gurl alone!

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Mayb u r d one who is blind cos u didn’t get my post so take ur time nd read then try nd understand my message bfor commenting

    • It’s even her lyf, d video should av been leaked b4 nau, n i dont knw y pple r commentin so bad whn 90% of us(human)av skeleton kept in our cupboards,plz post better tins lyk job opportunities n sumfin dat wil better our lives n nt dz ur stories of gay, lesbian nd so………….

    • Bae no body is cooking any shit… D video is REAL

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Real or not….i leave it to God then…Ekpoh Oloche TG Robinson

    • why didn’t u ask urself, why she was involved in first place, why did she do that when she knows it will turn back against her, and again the video says she did it for money. so why are u backing her up? u girls will be doing something without reasoning, so for ur mind now wetin she do good abi? bcos of money, she wan form big girl for street

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Uncle Chinedu E A Nelson no vex but u r entitled to ur own opinion….i am never in support of what she did so u guys she always be patient to read nd then understand…..If u r God then go ahead and judge her am not against u bashing her for what she did….but i jus said my mind…..backing her up or not nd u can compare all of us together i don’t care either….she is she nd am me

    • your response are good sweetb julz. you are matured. buh I hope you don’t support what she is doing, despite. is her life……or think you maybe u also involved in such act as well.

    • Lets call a spade a spade! one thing i knw is dat lesbian or homosexual is an abomination b4 God nd dats y God destroyed Sodom nd Gomorrah nd who ever is in support of dem is also doing d same

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Them know them selves oooo…..And its only God that will judge us all….cos some of us who r judging her are even worst….judge urselves bfor judging others or turning social media pastors bikonu….I am not in support of this act nd will never be but hell no i will never condemn her…..if this is real,i bet she will be frustrated by now….

    • The video is really and not Photoshop, Chidimma should seek the face of God. Weetb Julz you should not be an evil advocate, call a spade a spade.

    • Pootie Tang says:

      sharap dere, i guess you enjoyed what you saw. carpet munchers..

    • Pootie Tang says:

      why would you eat a pussy tho..

    • Daz True sha

    • Evil is evil no matter who is involved, that video is real, if you need to watch it in box me let me send it to you.

    • Buh d video is there for real,I saw it…

    • Pls watch the video jor and stop blabbing. Sweetb Julz u won’t read something before commenting.

    • imagine runs girl turn to facebook preacher,

    • She shouldn’t have, if that’s her

    • By de way what has she achieve…..miss anambra or miss unizik???….it dat an achievement?? Abeg make i go watch football….

    • Evon Okpala says:

      So many condemning her wen ur own sin dat u call small wil stil land u all in hell!!!

    • Pls tell dem

    • TuTu Milez says:

      asin ehh..if u look well da are worst dan her…evn does that have watched it and fat h not are evn commenting..well jzt passing by

    • @Sweetb Julz, you are a suspect your comment indicated that you must be a lesbian, but very soon you will expose, it’s turn by turn .useless people.

    • @Sweetb Julz, you are a suspect, your comment indicated that you are a lesbian! But very soon God will expose you as well! It’s turn by can’t because you don’t want people to judge you tomorrow. Nonsense!

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh thank you…..but anyways thats ur level of understanding….If i decided to be at least its non of ur fucking damn bizns…..its my choice…Go nd kill her na or bring her out nd crucify her…are u better than her?

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh if u dont knw or cant read someone’s comment nd get a meaning out of it jus pass by like others

    • @sweetb juiz,you think that i did not understand?but i want you to stop using this word “we can not condemn or judge some people are using it as advantage to commit atriocities,abomination can not turn to be a tradition,most female students are funny,they are practicing what they watch from porn and movies,even now,most girls here that were supporting this girl by saying we can not judge believe that there is not wrong being a lesbian,that is why they insisted that no body can question is tomorrow you found that your friend or sister is a thief,what would you say about the person,that you can not judge or castigating the person.let us start callinng a spade a spade for some other people to repent from their evil.

    • Sweetb Julz says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh i hate when pple twist words….u jus said am a suspect and God will expose me soon that its turn by turn right? And i accept all u said to me…..I cant be against gays or lesbians so far am not…..its their choice and their buisness…..but am not in any positon to judge anyone over what they choose to be with their life…..Go bring her out from her house nd burn her infact take the law into ur hands…Do whatever u wish to her but i said my mind nd how i feel….I guess u r a saint so u without sin why commenting on a post full of sin? My friend spell my name well next time….She made a very big mistake yes i agreed but i still stand on my words…I cant judge her or condemn her if u cant stand it…..Go to d nearest pharmacy and get a sucide drugs nd help urself with it…..Thanks

    • @Sweetb Julz, for the fact that you’re a sinner is not enough reason to support evil, because I believe that there is some people who are still regards sin as sin, because is like a thief telling people to join in stealing because he/she have been stealing, mind the type of things you drop on social media! Because what we do or say we must answer for it on the last day!

  29. Na only una #sabi…i run dey go find money 4 my #weekend_&_family needs.let me knw when una post something interesting.

  30. Who wants to bring this young girl down!

  31. Does any one has this vid?

  32. Haba Yabaleft, When bringing it up more.

  33. It true….I school in unizik nd I no chidimma personally although I was shocked wen I watched the video bt its 100% real nd true

  34. Buy is it true??

  35. Hmmm…I sigh for una

  36. Lie lie

  37. Wow so sweet

  38. Mehn..that video isn’t a Photoshop video!!
    That shit looks so fucking real mehn!!
    She should be arrested at once!!
    This is Africa not Europe & we don’t practice lesbianism in Nigeria.

  39. Mariah Ogiji says:

    Too bad,what a shame!

  40. Vera Nwafor says:

    Why condemn her?
    God has not yet condemned her, you should rather advice or pray for her. I think its better than all of these

    • Evil should be called evil says the Bible.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      That’s your own interpretation

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      All am saying is they shouldn’t condemn the poor girl when God has not yet condemned her.
      What she did was sinful, yes. But throwing stones at her isn’t reasonable

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      No one on earth is without sin, no one is holy but God.
      Its best you start checking out your own evil than call others own.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Even the Bible said, “thou shall not judge”

    • Call a spade a spade n not a big spoon.. This is a besetting sin, call a sin by its name and you will be free..

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Chidimma, every sin is a sin. Yes, it’s a sin, so?
      You have you no sin???
      Are you pure???
      Can you see God???

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      She has sin in the eyes of the public. What about you who has sinned in the eyes of God

      Please, everyone should go and think about the sins they have committed

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      She has sinned, yes, but you can pray for her as well to change from such act. Condemning her would be no good

    • @ Vera, don’t worry yourself too much. Most of her critics on this platform are either husband snatchers or adulteress/adulterers

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Each one of us sin each day, no one condemns you cuz it was only God who saw it. He didn’t condemn you but gives you the grace to be forgiven and try not to sin again.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      If God were to condemn our sins every time we sin, no one would survive it

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      @yusuf, seriously most of them sin without even thinking

    • Tell them Vera Nwafor Nigerians are holier than thou, who even gave them the right absorb sin?

    • Am not saying am a saint am only calling a sin by its name.. If she sinned she shouldn’t cover it up with another sin… Am no Saint no one is perfect we are working towards perfection. Mind yu vera, I never condemned her.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Lol ThatPaulinus Louis Ikeorah they now see themselves as saints, because she was exposed.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Chidinma Uwah you said her sin was besetting, what do you call such statement?
      Condemning or not?

    • That is calling a sin by its name… Never condemned her, depends on your own understanding of what I wrote

    • Sute Solomon says:

      You can as well ask us to fast along too. She claimed the video was Photoshop, which means she isn’t the one (by her). If she’s the one, the first process of redemption is acknowledgement and from there salvation comes. Condemning the act is different from judging her.
      Watch the video & u’ll know it was all intentional even the videoing. Let’s start praying for kidnappers, ritualist, rappers etc

    • @Vera Nwafor, we will condemn her, for people like you to be discourage to practice such act, most you girls are funny to the extent that you don’t know what is abomination!

    • Vera Nwafor says:


    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Whoever has no sin should be the first to throw a stone at her

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      If you know you have no sin of abomination, go and look for her, kill her and the other girls as well.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      If you know you’ve been sinless from birth please I beg you, go n kill her.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      I don’t support evil, but I rather do not condemn anyone who has done evil.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      She denied the video, fine. You should know she needs help. Christ didn’t come to this world to call the righteous, but the sinners.

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Sute Solomon praying for sinners is of no good right? Pray for yourself then

    • Vera Nwafor says:

      Sylvermentor Ezeh define abomination

    • @Vera Nwafor, yo don’t expect to go into argument with you, because I have made my point, but if you still doubting, I am you must have a father, or if you’re a bastard you must have an elderly person in your village, kindly ask him what is abomination, because even if I explain to you you must remain adamant, because you don’t know what is wrong and bad!

    • Vera Nwafor says:


    • Vera Nwafor says:

      I have other things to attend to…

  41. Ugo Moses says:

    Yaba-asiri, ana-ako!
    Una just dey spoil peoples image for nothing

  42. I’m here to read comment that shows ladies typing #DontJudge while some will blame yabaleft, Anything dat concerns lady dey’ll tell u don’t judge but if its a guy dem go give him name. hehe make I join the league abeg guys don’t judge. Buhari don talk where una belong

  43. Making a sextape is always a bad move. Many women tends to feel attraction towards their fellow women and it’s nothing new except if you haven’t bent down to observe things. While a lot of men sees the body of their fellow men as disgusting and unattractive, there are a handful of women who wouldn’t mind making out with their fellow women because they find their bodies very attractive. If your girlfriend or side chick starts being so proud or feeling so attached to any of her female friends and calling her names like bestie, my second, my twin and other romantic names or always happier whenever she is with that her friend than when she is with you, try to do a little investigation, you will find out that they are making out with each other behind your back. I found such cases on three different occasions and they are Naija girls, I know what I’m talking about.

  44. She say she like cucumber.

  45. It that all????

  46. This looks real the only thing I will say is God help u both its not too late to change

  47. Shame

  48. Iyke Success says:

    But it’s a live video of ur face, which I have watched , so stop talking shit

  49. May God deliver them.amen

  50. Pls pls leave d gal alone biko

  51. Its fucking real…..

  52. Hmmm men are gradually fading away???

  53. Just came here to read comments, if u are here for same hit the like button

  54. Success don’t enemy, success only have talebearer, next in your post don’t mention anambra state again, you tribalists

  55. God forbid! Pls repent and give your life to Jesus! Our bodies are the temple of God bought with a price which is the blood of Jesus!

  56. Where is d sex video?

  57. Monark Rnb says:

    Imagine this fine girls wasting something that was made for us.

  58. itz so unfortunate the evil you do at the back must be exposed on day how can u stup so low shame on you your a disgrace to humanity and all ladies and your skul unizik i say Shame on you idiof

  59. Sinners condemning other sinners for sinning differently….. Mtcheeeeeeew!

  60. Why do some humanbeings behave like animals?? What wrong have I said that may warrant such words from you Iyke Success. Are you OK in the head!!!?

  61. That is a real video nothing like face change

  62. The video is there watch it

  63. Sad one… but like someone up there said… God hasn’t judged her… no one should… hope she learns and changes….

  64. i knw her.personally she’s the one idiot

  65. i dont believe this to be true,chidimma of all people

  66. Can’t c any video

  67. Apart from the video being leaked, why would she try that act in d first place having sex with her fellow girl,isn’t that an abominable act? Both to God and man. I rather turn myself to a full time prostitute than sleeping with my fellow point is hers has bn leaked so others should stop theirs and learn from this, coz u may not b lucky next time. Secure ur image coz lesbianism is such a disgusting act.

  68. How true is did story. Anyways am not in a position to judge any body. God is d true judge.

  69. So how d tin take concern us now?
    I smell jealousy here!

  70. Michael Mary says:

    Lol! People dey vex oooo! ohh poor cucumber happens to be a victim of circumstances!

  71. This is real ,but no one should judge you. My dear this should be your turning point, no matter how nasty and ugly your acts may be,Christ still cares,loves and needs you. Please do not succumb to the devices of the devil, all he wants is to kill, destroy and rob you off your joy, destiny,away from your family and friend s. Accept Christ as your personal Lord and saviour, repent genuinely of your past mistakes, forgive yourself and all you need to forgive . Move on and be the star the Lord has made you to be.

    • @Eze ifeyinwa Nebo, I thanks for your advice to her, but you must withdraw your statement”you should not judge” because it is reason why many people indulge in evil act today. When you said you can’t judge, meaning you are supporting evil. Let’s call a spade a spade and to misleading some people!

  72. You pple should watch d video na. No face changing. It’s her and come to think of it, it’s her life I only pray God touches her life for her to change

  73. The comments sha lol, Amanda Chisom

  74. Shame unto her. She is a disgrace

  75. Real photo

  76. Shame your self.

  77. Who cares? Wen it involves a gay man, most of us here will condemn n rain curses on him but now dat it involves a lesbian, few of us re praising her n making it feel like lesbianism is ok. Gays n lesbians re no different n been a celeb makes it even worse…Peace

  78. I still refuse to believe. I really dont know the joy people derive in tarnishing others image. No 1 has the ryt to condemn her cus am positive that you guys aint better

  79. Too Obi says:

    People believe that money don’t grow at peoples backyard like trees, come to Nigeria Abuja to be precise and see the impossible becoming possible, I don’t blame those who believe this tape for they don’t knw that anything is possible in Nigeria,my friends a computer wizard can use ur image to act the impossible just like in Hollywood