A viral video of a bride refusing to say “for richer for poorer” while taking her marital vows has caused a stir online.

The video of the adorable couple exchanging their marital vows at the altar on their wedding day was shared online. However, the bride’s refusal to say exactly what the officiating priest had told her to say elicited reactions.

In the clip, the officiating minister says, “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or for poorer.”

When it was the bride’s turn to repeat the vows after the officiating minister, she replaced the poorer with richer, “For richer for richer,” she said.

The moment she said that, the congregation and the minister erupted in raucous laughter at the bride’s antics.

The minister then responded, stating that she loved the bride’s zeal.

The groom, who was holding his bride’s hand the entire time was also giggling loudly.

Watch video below,

The video elicited mixed reactions from netizens. While some noted that she was just being optimistic other tagged it as being materialistic.

@kiingalysha wrote, “Sis said, “I do not agree to be poor.”

An Instagram user @preciousss, “We won’t be poor in Jesus name.”

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