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Mixed reactions as Senator Dino Melaye shows off and poses with his luxurious G63 limousine online

Nigerian politician, Dino Melaye has sparked a lot of mixed reactions after flaunting a G63 limousine in a recent photo.

The senator, known for his flamboyant lifestyle, shared a picture of himself dressed in a stylish suit, striking a pose in front of the blue luxury vehicle.

In the caption, he attributed his acquisition to divine intervention, stating:

“Oluwaloseyi,” which translates to “God did this.”

The photo quickly went viral, capturing the attention of netizens who expressed their differing opinions about the senator’s display of wealth.

Some questioned whether the car truly belonged to him or if it was borrowed for the photo opportunity.

Dino Melaye is no stranger to controversy, often making headlines with his extravagant lifestyle and his outspoken nature.

This latest display of his wealth has once again sparked debates about the source of his wealth and the role of public figures in flaunting their riches.

As the image continues to circulate online, it has sparked a range of reactions among social media users.

While some admire his success and attribute it to divine blessings and Gods Grace, others criticize what they perceive his display, as a means of Flaunting of wealth in a country grappling with economic challenges.

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