“MMM Is A SCAM!” – Nigerian Man Allegedly Scammed By MMM Cries Out.


A Nigerian guy who claims he was scammed by the raving MMM community, shared his story to Laila. According to him, all was going well with the scheme until he decided to open an account for his cousin who also bares the same surname with him.


He wrote:

It started on the 19th June 2016, My Friend introduced me to this MMM of a thing… I obliged and Joined… It was paying well, there was no comma or full stop, not all.

Till I opened an account for my cousin who shared the same surname…

Fast Forward,,,
MMM ADMINISTRATOR placed my account on temporary moratorium of getting help as they provide and get help in the system on 13th September 2016 and told me to verify identity of which I did.

After that, I kept on contacting MMM Support of which they assured me they will remove their God forsaken temporary moratorium which they have used to scam thousands of participants (not only me) as i found out they do it secretly and MMM fortifies its system with this… That also account in a way how they pay 30‰ to their teeming community of 30% earners (Guiders, referrals and ordinary participants)… Only for my account to be blocked by the administrator earlier today that I used two accounts that the registration and referral bonuses have been deleted while my #90,000 I paid since when I started MMM which yielded 189,000 naira parted with the blocked account.

Even as it hurts me being my first time to be scammed… I will like Nigerians to thread with caution with this MMM of a thing and keep on pursuing their dreams as there is dignity in Labour.


For the Record, My blocked account in MMM is [email protected] with #189,000 trapped in it.

The account am accused of violating their policy is [email protected] which is also on their temporary moratorium (meaning another scam as that was how they started with my account [email protected])




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Comments 1,174

  1. really

  2. Like seriously?

  3. Lies.e can’t b serious

  4. Hmmm

  5. Ibb Okuoma says:

    What is MMM??

  6. My account was also place under investigation last month but when they find out I was not guilty to release my account stop crying foul you know you have gone against the rule

  7. Egbu Peace says:

    Hahahah I said it MMM is only for lazy people,go get a job and make ur money instead of looking for free money.9ja people too like free tins

    • Please give me a job I need one , since you have jobs to give out , who told you he is not working or can’t one have an extra income?

    • Chika Chiedu says:

      It’s only a fool dat depends on just his salary….try for other wages fool!

    • What do you know about laziness?

    • Egbu Peace says:

      Heheheh keep barking I have said my mind

    • Opyem Ayeni says:

      Egbu what ever ur name is im very sure u a whore(or runs girl which ever u wanna call urself). Whoring urself to rich men hence u get alot of money and dont need to diversify with mmm. Leave those with self respect and dignity alone ok?

    • Pls I nid job ooo. Mr Dangote

    • Adol Nedu says:

      And if the money is made from MMM, it will be spent on you.

    • Opyem Ayeni what has insult got to do with this???? Relax guy you got a sister and also a cousin sister? I hate when men abuse. Please withdraw your speech. You can still jumb and pass without insult according to the dignity you spoke about..??

    • Yes please what do you know about laziness, cos everything is already made for you so you have no reason to risk anything, my dear life is all about reason risk and trust me you will join soon

    • Egbu Peace says:

      Opeyemi I don’t want to insult anybody ok,MMM go make una cry very soon till den I will jst sit and observe

    • Egbu Peace says:

      Esther I like d way u reply not does lazy ass that are only good @insulting people

    • MMM will give you some token amount by the time your over double your investment with them that where am pointing at,some people will gain and sone will loose that is the game

    • Some people go don use am blow before e finally crash

    • Reet Rejoice says:

      Your right Esther

    • do u know f meaning of JOb just over broke ask ur family dey will tell u dey are broke mind u hard wrk only put fud on ur table bt smart wrk takes u to greatness

    • Mrs jobber woman,clap for yourself ?????.I categorize your statement under IGNORANCE, Just like even in exam it’s always said that you should read the instructions repeatedly before you answer the question. The rules about how to operate MMM are there, if you violate anyone of the rules you’ll be flagged????. MMM is not for selfish and greedy people, It’s for matured minds?????.

    • Egbu Peace says:

      @joseph enjoy ur money bt don’t cry later

    • Sebi you like to work? Keep working nah.. You be JACKY

    • Nancy Nnaji says:

      So u think u are working abi?

    • Uka Daniel says:

      You do you have a job? no worry very soon they will expose your own sex video like your partner Chidinma okeke idiot like u.

    • See mentality…which work

    • The anti MMM people do not understand how it works at all. Their comments shows how ignorant they are about mmm.

    • July James says:

      Ewu na ashawo u be and ie no be work to me. @Egbu

    • Egbu Peace says:

      Y are u people crying now I don’t ave time for lazy ass.

    • Egbu Peace how many times ur Boss don fuck you?? Nd u said ur working sorry. By d time he impregnate u. You knw what ur doin to urself fool…

    • Adol Nedu says:

      Please, for goodness sake must you involve Okeke Chidimma in this? The bridge had been burnt and it’s unnecessarily to mention her name. Do not crucify. And stop the hate comments coz we all got siblings.

    • why do you people take it personal like this, if u guys know that u have confident on it them u people should stop worry urself about what people say, nobody force you to stop if you like invest billion of naira on it afterall life is all about risk

    • @Egbu Peace, life is very easy and simple when you don’t take drugs for another person’s illness. If you don’t like MMM Just chill, it’s not a do or die affair.

    • Ure mad 4 saying mmm are 4 lazy people

    • Egbu Peace i dont even know what to tell you sef……

      Keep wallowing in sheer ignorance o…
      Let us know when ure done
      Aunty hard worker!!!

    • #istandwithpeaceegbu

    • The people that came in last will be the one to lose

    • Egbu Peace says:

      Foluke u are very stupid I didn’t insult anyone y are u insulting me

    • Aunty Hard worker. I wish u could spend 5 minutes of ur time to read the mmm ideology. That’s what makes mmm and not the money. U need to learn

    • Egbu Peace says:

      Aunty joy thank u but am not interested

    • You never insulted anyone? Really? Was lazy people a compliment? You call it a scam, nobody ask for your opinion. Abi tell me one good reason why you have to take pills for someone’s headache.. You all call it a scam and I’m yet to see anyone of you to explain how is it a scam to me…

    • Timi Jekami says:

      Yur an idiot for calling a woman a whore just because she said that….learn some manners from people even if u failed to learn from home…I De vex for u guy…why insult de quick fly out una mouth?..Falling Naija men hand with yo attitude

    • Egbu plsss no one needs ur advice. Keep it n tell it 2 any family member of urs dats playing mmm . Tans.

    • Some guys here have low mentality…. Its simple she said what’s on her mind she wasn’t actually referring to you.. You just click post stupid comments must you insult its obvious most of the people in mmm here don’t know how it even work.. Instead of u to convince her to join you insult and chase people away….. This thing is simple me 2 am not on mmm its not dat am ignorant or something its choice Mind you mmm has crashed in some countries one 1⃣ day na one day……..

    • Egbu please don’t tynk working class people are nt into mmm too? Don’t tynk its only lazy people DT joined mmm platform. I tynk one has to be courageous to risk his/her money to join mmm,if only u know how mmm has changed people’s lives u wnt say wat u jst wrote. U are lucky to ve a job,not every had d job dey huzzled for so dear tynk before u make comments n calling people names. I am an mmm participant n i am very sure u re not as hardworking as i am. Thanks

    • Jane Jenny says:

      Egbu Peace or pieces or whatever you call yourself, shut the funk up and go get a life… Who told you MMM is for lazy people? Go check my profile and tell me if I look jobless to you.. For your information I have a good job and yet I do MMM.. The earlier you accept the fact that MMM rocks and pays the better for you! MMM is for smart, hardworking and intelligent people and definitely not for you! # Go get a life.

    • Jane Jenny says:


    • Egbu Peace says:

      Jane d lazy girl

    • Ema Obri says:

      I love naija people always ready to throw insults!

    • Austin Isaac says:

      Hahahahha Gud talk

    • U can be very funny peace…d reason y u r where u r today is ur inability to expand on the inside(iv checked ur profile)..no man that made it in this life today,that never lost something, however,they took great risk..i see people in mmm as great thinkers and risk takers…and I believe that even if mmm crashes today,and another online biz comes up again,this same people will still do it irrespective of there loses…even d bible said it that he that gatheret tendeth to poverty, bu he that scatereth,yet increaseth…that money u have that uv been saving will never be enough an won’t grow profitably…ur type will b very stingy cos u can’t imagine urself paying money into someone account that u don’t know..its a great mind that can take such a risk…so pls shut up an drive #wink#

    • Egbu Peace says:

      @ Obinna u are very jobless going through my profile,I didn’t tell u not to do ur mmm business oooo but don’t cry later jst keep mute ok

    • Egbu check me out I don’t base in Nigeria, yet I do mmm, am comfortable I live and schooled in Austria and am doing my PGD in Spanish and applied linguistic in Dubai right now,am not bragging… But I do mmm, so dear if you don’t like it don’t discourage anybody the only thing I have to say is play with your spear money

    • You are a foolish fool.. What can one hear from you OLOSO… Mmm my world

    • Where is this one coming from

    • Your problem is ignorance… U simply don’t know the ideology of MMM

  8. Chinye M Oba says:

    Don’t mind Central Bank and EFCC. How much interest is CBN and Her Banks giving to People. Remember that everything we do is risk even the food we prepared and eat including the sleep we sleep at nite. Business is either successful or the other way round. Risk is worth taking.

  9. Gifted Nnadi says:


  10. Paul C Okeke says:

    Please more comments. …

  11. For God so loved nigeria that he brought MMM that whosoever that provide help shall get help in return and shall survive in this recession.. Amen MMM rocks but bad belle is allowed

  12. It’s a lie…It can’t be serious

  13. This can only happen if he changed the account number provided during registration. It will only take at least 2 or 3 weeks, or maybe he refuses to cash out his money when due, or he refuses to pay whom he’s asked to.

  14. Okagu Chika says:

    Lie Lie

  15. didn’t I warn you???????????

  16. Dose Leng says:

    Dis is just d beginin,she b na AWUF wey dey run bele u pple want ba?one by one you hear am

  17. He hasn’t said the truth. It is not possible for a participant to get blocked just like that, MMM has a whole lot of safety net. So this man should shut the fuck up and say the truth.

  18. Pple are paying millions they have not blocked them is 189k oga abeg park 1 side.

    • How many millions have you been paid by MMM dnt try to make sense when there is no sense is it because you are not a victims

    • Briston shut up….must u reply to all post I am a living witness I av pple DAT uses 1million and 900k respectively and they were being paid….so if u don’t know abt sumtin let pple enlighten u Nd stop misleading ur poor brain

    • AjiBola Briston Kongi, I started with 800k and I got 1.037.000 back with my registration bonus . and am still counting

    • Kongi anybody that tells u they block him or her in mmm check well the person is trying to play a fast 1. Nevertheless dia is room for 4giveness if d person give tangible reasons for his or her actions. So dont spoil something u dont know much about else u will be talking out of ignorance. Thanks

  19. how true is this

  20. Kush Bishop says:

    Useless lie…CBN has paid u fools just to lie to us.just yesterday it was CBN warning Nigerians and today u are here saying somebody was scammed… I don already put thousands of naira if my money waste na thunder go strike both CBN governor and buhari dead……useless goats

    • CBN has paid them and also the man that came on radio this morning to create fear in people over MMM. God will punish them all

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Bukola Olu-Aina Iruonagbe…..I don talk am..na unexpected accident go kill CBN governor if I loss my money

    • MMM Fail you, na pmb again. Chaii

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Bala Badeggi Mahmud…yes buhari and emiefele nor want the progress of Nigerians

    • lolz

    • Thank you

    • Hahahahahahahaha

    • Lol, go and find work and stop MMM cos it will definitely crash

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Don’t mind them

    • Buhari will soon support mmm… Lolzzz.. Infact Buhari should encourage mmm and increase it to 40% afterall he promise 5k

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Obi Amara Favour….do u think am jobless like u? Am not ur standard… Go find work and stop pork nosing into peoples affairs on Facebook…. Mannerless ape

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Everybody talked politely but that jobless ameoba call Obi Amara Favour will just open her pit toilet to talk nonsense… If ur boyfriend is jobless am not..look at me well before u talk rubbish….small pikin sheet

    • Kush Bishop says:

      I sorry for those that don’t know how to talk politely.I go teach una how to talk anyhow….try me and see

    • Kush Bishop says:

      I dey monitor una comments..mk I see rubbish.I go surprise that person..I dey wait

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Obi Amara Favour…the money wen me put for MMM u nor go try put am if u go even get am…jobless tin pork nosing into peoples affairs

    • Hahahahaha, una no go kill person

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Sumtimes I just wish I can block myself from women on facebook.becos them nor sabi talk to person…they talk anyhow that’s why I don’t like talking to them on Facebook… Facebook girls mouth too dirty

    • Merit Onuoha says:

      minus me sha, you sef that is talking, must u reply rudely to her? imagine all the insults u rained on her for one comment she made

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Merit Onuoha…..even the bible said treat odas the way u would want them to treat u….I don’t reply women comments on facebook neither do I chat with them becos I don’t want their insult…..

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Besides did i mention anybody’s name wen I was commenting?

    • Just laughing at you coz that’s how jobless people behave,,, all they do is insult,,, keep it up, you will still insult your mother join,,,,, smelling pig.

    • Don’t mind both CNN and thr government, they are all goats

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Obi Amara Favour……..idiot…ur useless mother is a village whore……ur useless parents fooled themselves ova night just to give birth to a native pig like u..hopeless tin…imagine how jobless death with u…idiot….go and 4uk ur stupid father….u look like ur father’s dead d*ck..condemned bastard….smelling goat….u fat like native pig wen carry curse….idiot…hopeless she-goat…..foolish tape worm like u

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Obi Amara Favour…….u are the calamity that has fallen upon ur useless family……useless brain imbecile….. U carry gutter for centre of leg call am p*ssy….woe betied the womb u came out from…..useless bastard…..stinky village goat……..u be like native goat wen them take swear for person…..fool…useless juju pig like u……I pity ur useless mother becos I have no respect for elderly once again since ur foolish father started 4uking an area slut like u……fool…..cursed bush pig..

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Obi Amara Favour

      I wonder the elephant that 4uked a village retard whore like ur useless mother just to give birth to an India lizard like u…..useless tin…. U be like bread wen them soak for water…..fool….bush pigs like u are found in the zoo so what are u doing here?…….becos say ur papa dey 4uk u how u go respect person again?.idiot…u don dey follow ur mama drag pr*ck so no respect again na,small time u go begin follow ur mama drag bra dey wear if u neva start am self…..fool…product of rape..u beta go and ask ur mother how many fathers u have becos u are a product of many sperms……u carry okija shrine for neck call am face…… Useless Igbo goat

    • Kush Bishop says:

      If u think u can reply people’s comments with insults then I will teach u how to insult…. Useless daughter of a village goat…..jobless juju pig….

    • Ha!!!! Kush Bishop dis is too much for u to say. Pls am begging u don’t insult her again plssssssss?

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Emovon Tehilah Iyobosa……noooo..I like people like that that Say’s they know how to insult people’s comments and I will teach them how to insult so that next time they see my comment,they wount dare talk nonsense to their father

    • Success is not Success if it does not attract jealousy… Make CBN and its perpetrators….go baf.. Whom dem help…

      MMM til infinity

    • Kush Bishop says:

      Alexoben Osaze …abi oooo…na people wen criticize do am pass

    • Actually the truth really hurts..Obi Amara,u hv made ur point. MMM is too real to b true. Considering the number of pple involved.For how long do pple think it will last??? Av heard mature pple say it can fold anytime any day once they hv maximized their profit or gathered enof crowd. I advice those earning from it nw shud invest with d profit they have already made b4 d dreaded moment becomes a reality.
      For pple that open their mouth n insult someone that never poked or insult them simply bcos she made a comment..ride on.
      After all, a man treats a woman outside d way he treats his mum n sisters. Wat a pity.. Ride on chairman in d name of teaching them a lesson. Ur low self esteem to talk to mature gals is no excuse to misbehave. Grow up!!
      Imagine d insults heaped on one person!! Well who ur insult help???? It won’t stop her from or any other gal from having access to oxygen or God favoring her.

  21. I swear its when u guys fall victims that when u all open ur mouth nd your big eyes and start crying

  22. How is ds the scam? Illiterate. You used 1 bank account to open 2mmm accounts and they blocked you now u say its scam. Don’t u have sense atal?

  23. ყɛŞ ơ ıŧ’Ş ą ŞĆąm ŧɧąŧ’Ş קąყıŋɠ קɛơקٳɛ….

  24. Na this man CBN won use? You lie

  25. Lie, yaba left, una lie dey too much

  26. This crying man looks like one Mr Aduloju I know. Could it be him?

  27. I said it, this mmm of a thing will finish people money

  28. Long live MMM, together we will change the world. . . . .

  29. pls the government should look to dis oooo…. scam or not scam we have to be sure ooo

  30. Benson Jossy says:

    Abiola Babatunde Adekunle

  31. Ndi ara…..let him write to support… Nobody scammed him

  32. This mmm is for lazy and for people who are not contented with what ever they have

  33. Rita Okeagu Biko warn your friend ooo

  34. Seriously

  35. they are just getting started

  36. Vivian Etteh says:

    Most of us in this country have always fantasized on creating an Empire with little money. This dream will never come to pass with the present state of our economy, most of the businesses around are saturated resulting in a highly competitive market . There’s no better investment than putting your cash in a financial company that deals in various high end investments. Why not give Mcdave funds & Investment Services a try, you definitely gain from it. spread the info You can learn more at m c d a v e f u n d s . c o m

  37. Lies….

  38. Let him write to support. No need to cry. A storm in tea cup

  39. It’s a free world,you can say whatever you want …
    MMM is d bomb…..

  40. Chudy Emeka says:

    Is a lie
    Make mmm scam me simple

  41. Una too dey write rubbish….. Abeg make una dey help promote MMM

  42. YabaLeft online, ask the man what he did that made MMM to block him, am smelling a foul play , this man has been paid to do the crazy show. If MMM block u na ur palava, MMM FOR LIFE

  43. Dada Ayobami says:

    that is a big lie, that can not be real MMM is real and good

  44. Umar Audu says:

    Why complain now ?

  45. They are rotating your money,using someone money to pay you back at a particular time when you people have double your investment with them with millions and they can’t control the money that is coming out of there pocket that when your money will fly away with them,I already know that a lot of mugun full my country you will fall there trap sorry

    • This just explained how myopic your reasoning is, please I advice you read how MMM works before you come here to expose your ignorance.

    • Ajibola: If you don’t know it don’t judge it

    • Any day you discover the truth about mmm, you’ll join. You are far away.

    • Apeh onyebuchi don’t judge book my it cover you are the one that should not follow the stupid thing you read and do you think thoes who want to scam you will show you the real logic,proving of ignorance is by claiming you knw all I trust my Yahoo boy they will never join your league because they understand than you people,the same thing white man are paying for now Nigeria have enter the same trap,is a pity

    • July James says:

      Ajibola u mumu ehhhh

    • Don’t worry you will get paid but at last am sorry if you want to catch monkey you must behave like monkey

    • MMM can not even last a day in Europe before government arrest them,do you think is only Nigeria that need money if truly this is very real you will find it in Europe countries before Africa dnt let them fraud you be wise

    • Ajibola… They, which I don’t know. Don’t have possession of anybody money. Money are not paid Into a centre account, so tell me how possible will they fly with people money? Get knowledge and join fast?

    • Emmanuel Odigie can you tell me how they have access to hold the victims account?

    • God bless you more Ajibola briston kongi

    • Bad belle is allowed but I can buy you Carlo Rossi too coool ur nerves…Mmm all the way. Shey be it is my moni, leave it for me.

    • They forget their money is in Mmm database and can be shutdown anytime …..leaving you with no access to log in

    • AjiBola Briston Kongi. Don’t mind the gullible people, they will always find one thing or the other to defend themselves. They keep saying money is not paid into a centre account but can’t say how they have access to hold an account. They will tell u mmm is a business but they can’t show u what kind of business it is. Ask those that have benefited from I what they use the money for, nothing reasonable. The most surprising thing to me is those that called themselves Christians that can’t read their bible and know what God says about such thing. God save us.

    • Ugoji nkechika you yourself don drink garri? Before you buy something for anybody?

    • I work with facts,I don’t say what I don’t know ,with that,those involved should continue, those castigating should continue.
      One thing I know my account has improved with 1milion naira since I joined MMM and as at today the 200k I pledged is in my account.
      Continue with ur poverty mentality.

    • #Chisom MC
      Kindly make them realize that ooooo
      It has already happened to some people and I know they wouldn’t bk off it till same thing happens to them.
      SMH in #Advance.

    • Olumetomi #Omowaye I shake moi head for you.

    • MMM has been banned in some European countries make use of your internet china banned them in January 2006 because they are scam company

    • Samuel Orie says:

      Nothing good come ezy how do they get the money

    • Olumetomi omowaye 1million of my foot so 1million is what you have and you can say one person is poor,really u have suffer a lot

    • Thank u I don’t have money ooo,I’m really a poor boy.
      I don’t compete with people.

    • Why you dey drink panadol for people headache, just sidon look as people will cry.

    • Ke Le Chi says:

      Does this clown know that MMM is in 118countries??

      Does he know that MMM has NEVER crashed in any of the countries bar the 1st time the scheme kicked off in Russia and that was because Govt ceased the account cos it was a central account.

      Does this chap know that so far MMM Nigeria is the best.

      Young man MMM can’t crash, the worst that will happen is that they “may” reduce the interest rate to 20% which is not still bad.

      It is our money, no dey help us complain. We read and accepted the rules and risks before joining

    • U r a liar, minus MMM always get details of anything before u respond to avoid being a novice. With ur explanation u r totally uniformed about how MMM works. Stop making senseless contributions towards what u don’t know.

    • Mmm China is still bubbling. In short it was rated d best Mmm community in the world.

    • Ke le chi you know nothing about MMM just seat down till u know the real colour of MMM,and plz give me one of those countries in 118 countries you mentioned,dnt act like ignorance Russia government kick them out because of bankruptcy and January 2016 china government banned them it seems little amount they pay is making you to think in another level they are not after you that put biscuits money if not does unenlightened business man that will loose millions later

    • Ajibola, nobody have access to anybody account. If u don’t understand the way it works, I will teach u. No centre account, or u don’t understand what that means??

    • Anyway case close just watch out

    • Emmanuel odigie nobody have access to anybody account but how did they hold this victims account since nobody has access to anybody account.

    • Chisom, money that is pledge, how does it enter MMM data base. Well keep waiting while others go to the bank smiling

    • Infact there is this program in ait “the money show” warning people to leave mmm. The earlier the better for them.

    • As I was reading some comments here i almost go annoyed so I decided to check my marvro. Marvro growing like ”dangote’s act’ I just asked for help now from two of my referral bonus and within 2mins my account have been matched. So while u argue and wait for the time MMM will crash, within 48hrs ( already counting) my count will be credited with good amount of money. Anytime u decided to join chat me and I will guide you. Thanks curtain down… Cheers

    • AjiBola Briston Kongi you be really okponu. so you don’t know what it means to be an administrator. if you put money in the bank and there is illegal activities, the bank have d authority to block your acct pending investigation

    • Not his fault, he doesn’t just have that ability to reason beyond his thoughts…

    • please guyz advise that MUGU

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Grow up jhor

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      MMM Nigeria is real

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      MMM Nigeria pays

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      MMM Nigeria isn’t scam

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Your country that promised unemployed youth 5k monthly, have they paid??? Have they kept to their words???

      Isn’t this scam??? Stay there and preach

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      This mans account was blocked cuz of his greed…….. He Knows he was gone against the terms and conditions of MMM.

      He would have gotten his money back if he was blameless.
      some participants are do placed on moratorium but do get their money back after they’ve been seen not guilty

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Queen Ayanfe-Oladeji

      MMM Nigeria is real…. I have seen a guy that has gotten a plot of land with MMM money, i have seen a guy that has bought a car with MMM money, he’ll be erecting a structure on the land hopefully next year. He’s not working anywhere in this useless country, he’s MMM guider and he’s earning big.

      Stay there and form one thing one thing.

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Una just de vex me….

    • Tee Bab says:

      Nigeria-mmm.net/[email protected]
      Register for free. Mmm is real and come to stay.

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Opeyemi Divyluv Oyewale…I’ve seen the program, I’ve read CBN’s warning too but who cares????

      Can’t they just look for ways to Fight recession????

      For crying out loud, I worked for this money na, my sweat, hard earned…. I can choose to save it anywere and it shouldn’t border anybody.

      To hell with critics

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Meanwhile….. Lemme go check my MAVRO.

      MMM pays
      MMM rocks
      MMM all the way

    • Y are we commenting on this stupid page. They just looking for ways to get traffic

    • Mercy Amadike, you’re such a Sweetheart!❤️️
      In the late 90’s, I had my first encounter of a “Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme”. Since then, I’m well enlightened about the tricks involved.

      #MMM launched in Nigeria when the masses are at the lowest financial ebb due to the economic recession rocking the country. Hence, MMM becomes the long-awaited “Messiah”. The crash will come unexpectedly and will claim a lot of lives via suicide and HBP!

      For now, let the game play out while the characters have fun enjoying their earnings which came from no defined business investment.

    • Can’t blame you since your papa is still feeding you.

    • @ekemini edem, shame on you for your remark all in the name of MMM

    • Obviously u are not an MMM participant, bcos if u are, u will appreciate God even if its a scam. U won’t belive how many lives MMM saved.

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Tony Mayor Zicobaba….shame on yourself, I’m i using your money to provide help in MMM???
      Goan look for something and do hungry fellow.

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Just goan sleep……. Recessed somebori whose living in a country that’s on recession.

      Stay there and die poor….. …stay and die in your fear and doubts. Nonsense!!!! Tony Mayor Zicobaba

    • My mavro is green ???? 444000

    • Atane Osas says:

      u are right which business are dey using it for dat they can cough out 30% we better be careful

    • Grace Henry says:

      go ask all successful man or woman in this world they made there money they never tell u the story without telling u the risk they took

    • Guy abeg,keep quite.Mmm no get central ALC .am a full mavrodian na me go tell u wetin d hpn for d system

    • AjiBola Briston Kongi thanks u ve said the truth and it hurts. One day MMM go disappear into thin air. Me I can’t fall mugu again for ponzhi scheme

    • Pius Aluwong says:

      Its my money not urssssssss assssss!!!!!!!

    • Ekemini edem, my opinion though. If Ait can let that information out i think you guys need to be careful.

    • Dat no concern you what has your government done for us?.. Anybody wey bad mmm God go punish am and him generation

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Opeyemi Divyluv Oyewale….thanks, MMM is helping me, its paying my bills so I’ll always participate.
      Make Ait go look for ways to curb corruption and ways to take Nigeria outta recession

    • Ekemini Edem says:

      Atane Osas………. My dear, MMM is like blogging, find out how Mark Zuckerberg and Linda Ikeji make theirs, that’s how Mavrodi makes the 30%

    • Shut up kid

    • What’s this idiot saying

    • I just tire

    • MMM has got nothing to do with ur money, d dnt even c ur money so stop blabbering

    • Obinwanne Chris Onyeje is obvious that you still being fed by your parent, banks fold, company fold. so even if mmm fold is not a new thing. just be there waiting for mmm to crash while one of my down line just received N1,114,000 this morning . I truly pity your future and your parents for wasting there time and money to send you to school if you cannot understand a simple ideology of mmm then I think I know how you pass your exams #iknowhowupassyourexam

    • Mummy Hafsat says:

      I don get alert na God win !
      Guy you are ready to wake up from your slumber, please let me know

    • CBN is not helping and they don’t even have solutions to the recession Nigeria are going through. CBN and bankers are also participants in MMM but the governor that is even not affected by the recession is advicing Nigerian not invest in what can provide food on their table and provide clothing and even accommodation. I paid my office apartment from the cash I made from MMM and I am planning to buy some office equipments from the cash I am expecting. What are they talking about they should keep quiet if they don’t have any thing to offer Nigerians. Thunder fire them if they even try to disturb MMM.

    • Ekemini Edem. U people just like deceiving urself. Buying cars, building houses with mmm is all lies, so stop deceiving urself. Cheap money u definitely use it for cheap things. U called ur country useless means u re part of the useless that made the country u called useless. Meanwhile, I don’t need mmm to survive cos I ve been surviving and doing better things b4 the arrival of mmm and am still doing perfectly well with the money i worked for and not the cheap money u re relaying on.

    • Ibrahim Tutu says:

      If you had kept quiet people would have though you are wise.

    • My people who cares about the shadow money you are chasing around,I can’t blame you many of you are surebet and nairabet customer now that opportunity to upgrade your gambling life,enough is enough continue but am very sure you will remember your country government warned you a lot

    • Abanum Okocha Irene nothing idiot like you can say that will move me,already your life base on chasing what you dnt work for if truly you earning from MMM money will show in your life meanwhile u have nothing to prove you gain from MMM maluu,she goat.

    • If truly this people are not thieves,even in the bank they will call your attention to solve your problem and all your money is yours but in MMM case money will be seize like they are EFCC lolz am waiting for one of you to share another painful side of your MMM,,,, company that can’t register with government should not be trusted.

    • Emi Segun says:

      Lol… Scam is real, it is simply a scam to make belief……

      They only need trust Ekemini Edem
      Believe it or not….
      Mmm would flop y’all cash soon…

      Be wise to run it early but don’t be foolish to cast your life savings in it

    • Your father, wetin dem give you eranko you better keep quiet if you don’t want millions of Nigerians to rain curse on you

    • Na you sabi

    • Lamidi wasiu atanda, son of she goat how market nau

    • Naive AjiBola Briston Kongi see how u reason like a potential poor thinker n an already poor man.

  46. there must b a reason 4 dat, he must have violate the rules and regulations of mmm dats y

  47. E no go better for una…. MMM back 2 back taken over

  48. Long live my Osusu money… just collect my yesterday… Liar wit 2act.disgrace fellower

  49. I’ve always known this MMM stuff wasn’t real

  50. Big fat lie.

  51. Mr poster pls tell the man to go and unblock his account, MMM will never eat your money, only God knows if he duplicated his account details, may be he tried to play smart and MMM told him that is smarter than him.

  52. Dat man wan scam MMM dats the reason the system delete am and I like it becos we don’t want bad eggs in MMM.

  53. Let him show his face and address.

    • Dayo Dairo says:

      Hope ur money is not in the scheme. What business are u in that you’re expecting such returns on investment?
      At a point, all will collapse. You’ll see.

      • Arewa abidemi says:

        We know it might collapse one day but pls let enjoy it while it last and dont be aa enemy of progress. The ideology is just to help the people and everyone dey enjoy am.

  54. Adubi Sola says:

    This man is very stupid for blasphemy MMM do you follows the rules and regulations of the community? Assuming you follow the rules u won’t be block naw having multiple account in MMM is a great offence. If you have follow the rules u won’t have problem l. For your information MMM is not a scam stop writing non sense when u did nt follow the rule

  55. Confirm lie, nonsense people

  56. Long live MMM, long live all MMM participants

  57. You are a fool. No be scam.

  58. Nancy Nnaji says:

    Man stop lying if ur account was blocked u know what to do stop coming to put fake ideas into people. U must have done smtin to make them block u

  59. You don’t know what you are saying. I just got paid now. If you don’t know about mmm very well, you ask questions.

  60. This is a very big lie