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A former Playboy model, Kelsey Turner, was on Tuesday, January 10, sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison for her role in the 2019 murder of her 71-year-old lover, Dr. Thomas Burchard.

Turner and her then-boyfriend, Logan Kennison, 29, were arrested in 2019 after the police found Burchard’s body stuffed in the trunk of an abandoned car on March 7 of that year.

Model bags

Turner and the septuagenarian was said to have dated for two years during which she received an estimated $300,000 from him, while he was also paying the monthly rent of $3,200 for her luxury Las Vegas apartment.

Model bags
Dr. Thomas Burchard

However, the payments suddenly stopped in November 2019, and Burchard travelled from California to Las Vegas to tell Turner that he could no longer foot her bills, which led to a physical altercation.

It was later discovered that Turner and Kennison beat Burchard to death in their home and hid his corpse in the trunk of Turner’s Mercedes. They allegedly bludgeoned him to death with a bat.

Logan Kennison

Their roommate, Diana Nicole Pena, 34, had in July 2019 confessed to being an accessory to murder after testifying that she helped clean the crime scene before fleeing Las Vegas with Turner and Kennison.

Diana Nicole Pena

Kennison pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy in July and was sentenced to 18 to 45 years in prison.

Evidence placing the three suspects at the crime scene includes a broken door, blood and cleaning supplies, footprints and more cleaning supplies in the garage, white and blue towels that matched those found with Burchard’s body.

A baseball bat which had Pena’s and Kennison’s fingerprints were also found in Turner’s vehicle.

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