There was a mild drama today at Queens College, Lagos and the main cast was a mother and some security guards.

Apparently, trouble started with the Woman’s daughter was turned back because she fixed artificial ‘eyelashes’.

The woman would however, not allow that to happen hence a confrontation started and it also got physical.

An Instagram user, @seunoloketuyi, who shared the video wrote ;

Queens College student being supported by her mother for indecent dressing. You can see her eye lashes, the security men stopped her and the mother resorted to manhandling the security man and others that didn’t support her.

See video below;



  1. Parents need to be better than this. Artificial eye lashes for a secondary school girl? What will the girl do after leaving secondary school then? I bet mother and daughter must be sharing men as I am seeing it… This world is turning into something else.

  2. She didn’t commit the worst crime yet everybody are shouting crucify her crucify her. What’s the need of having school authority, there are worst crimes happening in secondary school, yet those school authorities protect the image of their students and the parents, are those school authorities doing it stupid? Can’t you people use your brains for once.
    A child that needs to be corrected in an appropriate way by the so called school authorities,are now the people making this post and posting in such a way that it will suit them.
    If it’s me I will sue the school, what a bad influence to the society.


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