A lady’s performance at Babcock University’s Fresher’s Fair was stopped midway because the school authorities did not approve of her choice of clothing.

A video shared online showed the young lady singing on stage with her audience singing along and having a good time.

According to students who shared  the video online, the school did not approve of the performer’s attire.

One of the staff stopped the performance and ushered the lady away from the stage to berate her on her attire.
Students disapproved of the interruption and screamed at the staff to leave them be.

One of the students in the crowd can be heard saying, “it doesn’t make sense” but all their cries fell on deaf ears and the show was still stopped.

The video sparked reactions from netizens who felt there was nothing wrong with the outfit as it was just a sleeveless top and baggy trousers.

Watch the video below.

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