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Moment a man slipped something into another man’s drink as they party together (video)

Posted by on February 3, 2021

A viral video has captured the moment a man carefully slipped a substance into another man’s drink while they party together.

In the video it appears the “victim” was partying with a group of people when one of them tactically slipped something into his drink.

Something was sprayed in the man’s eyes to distract him, while he battled to open his eyes his drink had already been laced.

Watch video below,

In other news, A Nigerian man has shared screenshot of a message he got from a cab driver who refused to return his brownies, after he forgot them in his car.

A Twitter user, @thatsickdude who shared the story on the platform revealed he boarded a cab and forgot his cake in the car. He later begged the driver to return the brownies but he refused.

The driver later ate the cake which unknown to him was laced with marijuana.

From the message sent to Twitter user, the cab driver begged for forgiveness after eating the laced cake and complained of “strange sleep.”

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