A Nigerian lady based and working in Libya shared the video of her Libyan boss telling her to eat her child’s leftover food to the annoyance of viewers.

The maid with the name @yemi_myluver2 on Tiktok shared the degrading moment the female boss offered that she finishes up the son’s food.

She rejected the offer angrily and threw curses in her Nigerian dialect at the boss. She mentioned it is an abomination in Nigeria and that the boy does not even brush his teeth.

The video has sparked mixed reactions as most netizens applauded her stance but a few rebuked her for filming the scene to humiliate the boss.

Read some of the comments:

@Zahra: I like the way you stood your ground cus say you deh work for them doesn’t make you a slave that would be eating left over I’m proud of you🫡

@adewumiashabi: Na so if they just bring new food they will not give you till after dey satisfy themselves they will now said you should eat left over food.🤣🤣

@olaiyamorenike0: that’s how my boss do since I rejected it they don’t give me again

@therealpikolo: I sha know say the Yoruba in u go come out😭😭and it did 🤣🤣🤣

@abebiolami: ..I know a number of people I distance myself from because of how they treat their maid. Maids are help not slaves

@newbiekeelah: Walahi I can relate😹😹😹but my madam is not like this, I Dey even chop with her and her kids


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