A video making the rounds on social media, shows a Nigerian soldier calmly advising youths against looting food items meant for Corp members resuming on the 10th of November at the NYSC orientation camp in Kubwa, Abuja.

The soldier started of by saying he is a young man and he has siblings who are civilians.

He continued saying ;

I will not hurt anybody but we have to abide by the rules and regulations.

Gentlemen, the future is bright, you go to primary, secondary and Tertiary school before you’d now go into NYSC.

Why do you want to deny your brothers, sisters, friends food ? Is it that you don’t want to become something in future, At this age you want to start looting.. what are you going to do if you are given minister’s portfolio.

Are you going to steal the whole country and sell it. We have to lead by example as we are the leaders of tomorrow. What i expect of you is to go there and protect that place.

The mob cheered and it seemed the ‘good talk’ worked and stopped that particular set from looting the NYSC camp.

See the video below ;



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