bride's younger brother cried

A video making the rounds online captures the emotional moment a bride’s younger brother broke into tears at her wedding ceremony.

In the video shared on TikTok by @alaga_Dabira, the teenage boy, said to be the bride’s only brother, couldn’t contain his emotions and broke down in tears as their family gave his sister away in marriage.

When he was called to dance with his sister, he started crying uncontrollably as it dawned on him that his sister was leaving for her husband’s house.

bride's younger brother cried

The bride tried to console her brother but in the process she was also moved to tears and tried hard to fight back the tears.

The tear-jerking video has gone viral on social media and stirred a barrage of comments from internet users, the bulk of whom empathized with the bride’s brother.

See some reactions below,

TikTok user @Lucy Eyiuche wrote, “sometimes na person we dey fight you more,dey miss you more lol”

@itsayankay wrote, “People won’t understand. It’s a different kind of pain, when its the only sis you have. You feel like they are kidnapping her away from you.”

@dark_softie_ wrote, “Awwn brothers love ,but not mine though cause they will be busy packing all my luggages 😂😂those ones don tire for me”

@roziveni_ng wrote, “Chai I understand how he he feels but she’s still around dear. You can always visit”

Watch the video below,

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