A video that was shared on the microblogging platform X has garnered the attention of many internet users.

In the video, some bridesmaids were asked to stay outside of a church because of the revealing outfits they wore to their friend’s wedding.

According to the bridesmaids, the church named the African Church said their outfits were indecent and they had no headtie on.

The ladies however opted to sit and wait outside the church, till the wedding session came to an end.

Though they were embarrassed by the actions of the church, they insisted on waiting because of their friends who were getting married.

One of them could be heard saying;

“This people didn’t allow us to enter inside the church, according to them our clothes, our style, I am actually decent enough but they say I should cover my hair but these ones are very indecent, their cleavages are showing. We are just sitting down outside waiting for them. We will wait but we are pained”

Below are some of the comments;

@Darealmayabanks:  If you guys care about your friend, you would look for something to cover up and get yourselves into the church instead of making a video out there and laughing about it 

@Tsenrepictures:  Too strict, no be their fault. Church suppose to show love and understanding.

@valencia_cute5:  I really see nothing wrong with there dressing though!

@Teggybae:  The bride should know her church don’t allow this type of dressing She should have told them the kinda style to sew

Watch the video below,

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