A video serving the rounds has captured the embarrassing moment a couple fell flat on the floor in front of their guests while dancing at their wedding reception.

In the quite hilarious clip, the couple were jigging it down on the dance floor when the overtly delighted groom decided to go extra with his dance move.

He suddenly jumped on his bride and landed on her with his whole body, sending them both to the ground.

After the embarrassing fall, wedding guests quickly rushed to the couple to help them get up.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman has openly disagreed with the popular notion that “marriage is not for everyone.”

In a video she posted online, the woman who expressed a different viewpoint claimed that some women use the excuse that “marriage is not for everyone” to flirt with many men.

According to her, every woman should get married for self-respect.

She maintained that if a lady really considers marriage as insignificant, she shouldn’t bother being around any man because, in her opinion, it is a man who creates marriage.

“Yes, all women must marry to give yourself respect, no be to dey follow Peter, dey follow Matthew, dey follow John, no be him go make you live big life, no be him go make you live freedom life, no be him be the enjoyment of life.

As you dey follow all of them, at the end Belle come enter nko? Wetin you want do? Una go come social media; no be everybody, marriage is not for everybody. Marriage is not for everybody, if no be for everybody, why you no go use needle so Your under? why you still dey follow man since marriage no be for everybody.

Why you still dey follow man? You no even suppose dey near man cuz na that man wey you dey near, na him make marriage. Yes without man, no marriage. You know even suppose dey near man“, She said in pidgin.”

Watch her speak here.

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