A viral video shows a young boy channeling his inner Spiderman to avoid being disciplined by his mother. The young lad, who had apparently done something wrong and was about to be punished by his mother, hung from the topmost part of their house’s two-sided wall and refused to come down. The mother also didn’t give in as she kept stretching and attempting to hit him with a slipper she had in her hand while he was up on the wall. Watch video below

This comes after a video went viral showing a mother publicly performing a deliverance on her son from the spirit of stubbornness. In the video that was filmed and shared on social media by a passerby who witnessed the scene, the woman is seen holding a cane in one hand while grabbing the boy’s shirt with her other hand. She repeatedly shouted for fire to consume the demons leading the little boy astray. The boy’s voice was shaky as he cried and repeated the prayers after his mum. Passersby had to intervene and begged the woman to pardon the boy. Watch video here.

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