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Moment Nigerian Dad Aims To Make His Daughter A Tennis Pro After Learning About High Earnings Paid To Female Players (VIDEO)

A Nigerian father has taken to social media to share his aspirations of training his young daughter to become a professional tennis player, after discovering the high earnings of female players in the sport.

The video, which has captured the attention of many, depicts the devoted father keenly observing his daughter as she practices with a tennis racket, placing tennis balls around her in an effort to pique her interest and encourage her participation.

The father’s caption, which reads, “Found out how much tennis women earn and you have a little girl,” has resonated with viewers, who have praised his approach and found it humorous and entertaining.

As the video continues to gain traction online, it has undeniably garnered the attention of netizens online, leading to mixed reactions amongst users.


Here are some reactions from viewers:

@Ife Bammy: “Na why i wan born 5…carry all of them put for different sport,am a billionaire.”

@jones zero: “long time investment oga oooo.”

@Mr._Solar_2405_: “She’s looking like “Dad, I thought I was gonna be a ballerina.”

@Aimee: “Super daddy.”

@Ife : “yes all my kids with different sports, i am gonna be rich

@elikaj: honestly, my children will learn different sports, and enjoy it.


Watch the video below:

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