passenger was dragged

A video circulating on social media captures the chaotic moment a passenger was dragged off a plane for inciting violence and endangering other passengers.

In the clip, the middle-aged passenger stood in the middle of the plane and began screaming at the top of his lungs that President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu must not be sworn in.

The man was warned to sit down and stop constituting nuisance on the plane, but he refused to stay calm and continued speaking against Tinubu.

 passenger was dragged

His words and actions didn’t sit well with other passengers, who labeled him a security threat and requested that he be removed from the flight.

Following the complaints, several airport officials forcibly removed the passenger from the plane, and he was heard screaming ‘Obidients’ while being dragged away, implying that he is a staunch supporter of Labour Party candidate Peter Obi.

Watch the clips below,

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media as netizens criticized the man for embarrassing himself.

@surama_lany wrote, “A matured man like this cannot shut his mouth. He has just disgraced his family”

@herichild2018 wrote, “Many people don’t know that it’s treason to say that an elected president will not be sworn in and back it with threat”

@khadijakuburat noted: “My advice to everyone, specifically the obedients, is to respect themselves and not be carried away by their emotions. He called his party people, but nobody responded.
Is it that none of them is on that plane🤔? This has proven everybody is on their own. Very sad. SAY NO TO TERRORISM.”

@kingehimen wrote: “This is not about @PeterObi, this is simply a passionate and concerned citizen crying for the destiny of his beloved nation not to be usurped by hijackers…But, I must also say this for the sake of balanced point of view, One should always be well behaved in public.”

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