A content creator by the name @MrlilGaga on Tiktok posted a clip of an herbalist appeasing the gods as it berated him for not bringing it alcohol.

As is the custom in worshipping traditional deities, the worshipper must bring along alcohol for the service but according to the video, the priest skipped that and wanted to perform his function in the shrine.

It is to this effect that the gods refused, complaining in a sort of tweet-like voice, ululating and rejecting the services of its priest.

The priest made to appease the deity as he begged for forgiveness but was denied until he left the confines of the shrine.

Reacting to this, most netizens refused to believe the authenticity of the event as they put their doubts into words. Read:

@OsebiFy: Lol…all this things are powerless. But we love to deceive our selves.

@i_jandor: And somebody was busy making the video. The gods no pursue am too. Abi the gods like technology… 🤣

@Bigmizzy_: The person inside the koko can act very well 👏🏾

@Kenny_odesola: All powers belong to Jesus

@elmannygram: Gods know know how much be dollar this period?

@Big_Aishat: Leemaoo,how did they know it will happen at that time

@1Whizbang: You sef why you no go offer the gods alcohol. You think say e easy to deh deliver messages with clear eyes 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

@isholaolumide: Alcohol is very expensive now


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