Nigerian social media influencer, Reno Omokri speaks on why Nigerian gospel singer, Moses Bliss left Southern Nigerian women for a Ghanaian bride, Marie Wiseborn.

Sharing from his travel experience to Ghana on Twitter (X), Reno stated that Moses Bliss’s marriage to a Ghanaian is understandable because the ladies in Ghana are undemanding and easy to associate with.

In his words, most Southern Nigerian women cannot love a man without extracting money from him through various means, expecting him to pay their bills. He wrote, ‘Showing affection to her means you owe her.’

He explained that Southern Nigerian men, who have the opportunity to travel across Africa, quickly become attached when they encounter women who are not money-conscious. In African countries like Kenya and South Africa, Nigerian men are cherished by women.

He tweeted,

“We urgently need a cultural reorientation amongst our women. Especially in Southern Nigeria. The monetisation of relationships in Southern Nigeria is just too suffocating. I am well-traveled, and I am yet to see the level of commercialisation of romance I have seen in Southern Nigeria. I call it as I see it!”

He concluded that cultural reorientation should be conducted among the women to combat the habit of monetizing love as the Southern Nigerian women are seen as difficult people to love.

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