Laila St. Matthew-Daniel reacts

Women’s rights activist and writer, Laila St. Matthew-Daniel has reacted to the proposed bill to ban crossdressing in the country.

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel reacts

On Tuesday, April 5, the House of Representative received a bill sponsored by a member, Muda Lawal Umar, to outlaw cross-dressing in the country and it passed the first reading.

If the bill is passed into law, crossdressing will become a punishable offence in Nigeria with a six-month jail term, with the exception of those using it for entertainment purposes.

This has stirred mixed reactions online as crossdressers like Bobrisky, James Brown and others are at risk of being punished.

Reacting, Laila said there are more important bills to be passed into law, rather than a bill on crossdressing.

“So many important bills to pass on areas of security, reduced allowances, child marriage, women’s equity etc and a ‘cross dressing’ bill is more important? Who the heck are these lawmakers.” she wrote.

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