Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze has finally come back online and he has said some Nollywood celebrities are prostitutes who live fake lives to deceive their followers.

He said this while sharing a video of a woman who says women dating shouldn’t expect their boyfriends to pay all their bills.

Sharing the video, Freeze added that people need to stop following the lifestyle of so many Instagram celebrities who in fact have to sleep with men to fund their expensive lifestyles.

He wrote,

Nigerian women need to hear this.

Stop following Instagram and Nollywood ‘high maintenance’ celeb role models, who sleep with wealthy and influential men for business class trips, G-Wagons, Hermès bags and Rolex watches while giving credit to God for their ‘blessings’.

God is NOT a pimp!

Get your own jobs, add value to your lives and stop feeling entitled to wealth you did not create! ~FRZ


  1. Hi FREEZE, I have known u as an ardent critic of major spiritual leaders in Nigeria & can’t stop to wonder weither u knw the implication of pouring aspersion on de ANOINTED? PLs desist 4rm that act since u do not take de place of GOD in judgement. I lv u IJN.


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