Suicide Mother In Lagos

A female Lagos resident has been said to have committed suicide by jumping into a well in the Idimu Local Government Area of Lagos State, after she was shunned by her daughter.

55-year-old mother of five, Amoke Adeko, jumped into a well in front of her residence at Ajilekege Street, Pipeline bus stop, Idimu, Lagos State. She was recovered dead at about 11pm by officials of the Lagos State Fire Service.

It was learnt that she had been traumatised after her husband died eight months ago. Her grandson was said to be marking his birthday in the Igando area on the fateful day.

A resident spoke with PUNCH MEtro, stating that Adeko’s daughter, Amirat, the mother of the birthday boy, had brought a package of food prepared during the ceremony for her mother. It was said that Amirat, however, refused to give the woman the package in person, but sent someone else to take the food to her.

It was learnt that Adeko took the action as being shunned by her daughter and decided to end her life.

The resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said:

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“The woman had not been herself since her husband died. Amirat brought the food for her that afternoon, but she avoided her and sent it through someone elese.

“I don’t know why she did that, but the mother felt embarrassed because she saw her daughter from afar. It was around 5pm. About two hours later, she jumped into the well.”

It was also learnt that a neighbour, who heard a sudden thud, rushed to the well and saw Adeko’s slippers beside it. He was said to have raised the alarm after he went to her room and looked round the compound but did not find her.

Adeko’s first son, Ahmed, said he was not aware that Amirat shunned their mother, adding that she usually visited him and his siblings.
He said:

“She used to come to my place; spend some weeks and visit my sister too. This is her husband’s house and we can’t say she should leave. Before the incident happened, she had been with my sister for some weeks. We took her to her church and after some prayers, we decided that she should go back home. That we don’t come here always does not mean we abandoned her. My dad died eight months ago; we did not abandon her.
“I don’t know what led to the incident but she was not traumatised. That day, my sister was marking her son’s birthday and I sent her to bring food for mum. She brought the food around 2pm. It was around 5.30pm that a resident called to inform me about the incident. She (Amirat) is not around now but she did not tell me that she gave the food to somebody else to deliver to her. What she told me was that she met her upstairs.”

A friend of the deceased, Grace Agboyin, while lamenting her death, said she was the one that used to look after her.
Agboyin, who spoke in Yoruba, said,

“We were very close. Since the trauma became serious, I always went to her shop to chat with her. I ensured that she ate and used her drugs regularly. She had grown lean since her husband died because his death really touched her. She used to visit her children.

“I was in my shop when I heard people shouting that Iya Ahmed (Adeko) had jumped into the well. I was very surprised.”

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