Mother filmed

A video shared online captures the moment a mother flogged her daughter mercilessly for disappearing for two weeks during the Christmas break.

It was gathered that the girl left home on Christmas Eve, December 24, without informing anyone about her whereabouts only to return home two weeks later.

Mother filmed

The mother, who was worried sick about her daughter’s well-being during the period that she was missing, was filled with rage upon her return.

A trending video shows the mother unleashing her anger on her daughter with heavy lashes of cane.

Watch below,

The video has sparked mixed reactions online as some netizens applauded the mother for the disciplinary measure she meted on her daughter, while others objected to it.

A Facebook user Saeed Adams wrote, “#mother of the year . You deserve a trophy for your good job . excellent work 👏👏👏👏”

Mop Chalk wrote, “Well-done that’s human discipline, When she brings unwanted pregnancy it will be the whole family s problem .Not mentioning STI. and STD”

Caroline Sithole wrote, “I think beating its not the answer just ask her nicely where she was how do you know whether she was kidnapped and abused l wouldn’t beat my child like that before I even know where she was and confront the people who kept her for 2 weeks in custody, and it depends how old she is.”

Brighton Mapuranga wrote, “Corporal punishment will be abolished soon. Think of other ways to correct errant habits/bad behaviour”

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