A viral video has captured the moment a mother went wild in excitement after her son gifted her and his wife a car each.

In the trending video, the young man brought his mother out of the house to where the car was parked and told her it was a gift from him to her.

He also led his wife to the spot where another new car was parked just by his mother’s and told her it belonged to her.

While the wife only gaped in astonishment, the man’s mother, who was overwhelmed with joy, went into a frenzy.

Letting out screams of joy, the mother jumped up and down with excitement and, at one point, rolled on the floor before lying on the car, thanking God and her son.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Ghanaian lady got the shock of her life while celebrating her life as she experienced a fire hazard during her birthday ceremony.

A trending video captured the moment the lady’s wig caught fire while dancing with her birthday cake. The fire came from the sparklers on her cake and she did not notice when the fire started out.

She was immediately alerted by friends around and they tried to put out the fire. Lucky for her, she did not sustain any injury from the accident. Watch the video here.

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