A Madrid woman has been arrested for killing her 3-month-old baby by slashing its throat in a cemetery chapel.

A Civil Guard spokesman said the woman, 37-year-old Spaniard, was arrested early Wednesday in the cemetery of Villa de Don Fadrique, a town of some 4,000 inhabitants located just southeast of Madrid.

The woman was recently admitted at the psychiatric hospital and picked up her son that same day from a relative’s house when she was discharged.

She was then alleged to have taken the baby to the cemetery where she used a kitchen knife to fatally cut the infant’s neck.

After the act, the woman is said to have burst into a nearby chapel yelling “I have the devil inside”.

Spain’s largest newspaper, El Mundo reported that a neighbor called authorities when she saw the woman walking around near the cemetery looking ‘very nervous’.

Police showed up at the scene where they found the dead baby and the mother walking around in shock.

The woman was treated by doctors and taken to a nearby hospital for further assessment.

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  1. Its actually the devil in her that did it. No mother will delibrately kill her child. I believe a greater force was manipulating her

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