Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, has countered a man who asserted that the majority of men will never settle for a single mother.

The debate started after Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo, who recently tied the knot with her younger lover, Bobby Maris, urged single mothers not to give up on love while using herself as an example.

She opined that God’s timing is best and the right person will find them in due time.

“Morning Motivation for my Single Ladies & Single Mothers gang who have given up hope ……. Gods Time is the Best , the right person is out there, he will find you when you ain’t even searching 😊😊…. Just be yourself, work hard on yourself and leave your heart Open 😊, Forgive who hurt you , Always Pray , and believe you will be ok.😎”, she wrote.

Reacting to Uche’s post, an Instagram user who had a conflicting opinion noted that 95% of the men out there will never marry a single mother.

“Madam dat na your headache ooo I’m just telling you the raw fact 95 percent of men will not marry you and another man’s child …. Me inclusive . If I talk true my pant no go loss”, he wrote.

Fashion designer, Toyin Lawani, however, disagreed with the man that men will not settle for a single mother and shared her mother’s experience to support her point.

Toyin, who noted that many single mothers have men begging to marry them and adopt their kids, said her mother already had two kids before her father married her.

Her parents proceeded to have five kids together in addition to the two her mother came into the marriage with, yet she found a man who married her with all seven of her kids after the relationship crashed.

She asserted that a man who loves a woman genuinely will never think about her baggage.

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