Nollywood actress, Toro Aramide, has taken to social media to address the alarming rate of hypocrisy in the Nigerian movie industry.

In a recent Instagram post, Toro shared her disappointment with some of her colleagues whom she described as hypocrites, following the passing of fellow actor Murphy Afolabi.

Murphy Afolabi passed away on Sunday, May 14, a few days after his 49th birthday. In her post, Toro criticized those who quickly mourned the actor but failed to celebrate him while he was alive.

She claimed that some of the people who posted pictures of Murphy mourning him after his death didn’t show the same enthusiasm when he celebrated his birthday just a few days prior.

According to Toro, this is one of the reasons why she refrains from making friends in the industry.

In her words,

“Can you guys now see why I said I am not in the movie industry to make friends? Someone just died, and they are busy posting his pictures.

Meanwhile, his birthday was just a few days ago, and most of these people didn’t even wish him a happy birthday, not to talk of posting his pictures. Hypocrisy. If you like, hate me, that’s your problem. I just know how to mind my own business. Hypocrites everywhere.”

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