The sister of the 22-year-old lady, Bamise, who was abducted and gruesomely killed after entering a BRT in Lagos, has narrated the deceased’s ordeal at the hands of her killers.

The lady, who spoke through tears and wails in an interview, accused the Nigerian government of murdering her sister. She also said that her sister witnessed hell on earth before dying.

She described the deceased as a cheerful person who made everyone around her smile. Bamise’s sister also added that Bamise’s private parts were removed while she was still alive.

Watch video below,

In other news, a video of the initial statement BRT bus driver, Andrew Nice Ominikoron, gave to the police after his arrest has been shared online.

Recall that Andrew was arrested on Monday, March 7, for the abduction and murder of 22-year-old Oluwabamise Toyosi Ayanwole who boarded his BRT bus.

Following his arrest, Andrew in an interview with TVC news claimed he picked up Bamise at Chevron then later picked up three guys who showed him a weapon.

He had claimed that the men ordered him to stop the bus on Carter Bridge, and forcefully dragged Bamise out of the bus. According to him, he couldn’t do anything but drive off out of fear.

However, this new video of Andrew giving an account of what transpired shortly after his arrest contradicts his new statement.

In the video, he didn’t mention the three men with guns he picked up along the way. He also claimed that Bamise threw herself out of the moving bus because of the ‘dirty acts’ he had done to her. Read here.

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