Event planner @skusskus has shared the sad tale of how her aunt got suspended from work due to fraud committed by her assistant.

According to reports, the assistant embezzled the sum of 5.6 million naira to facilitate her plans to migrate to another country. Her boss and almost 60 other workers have been suspended because of this.

Read her tweet here:

“My aunt’s assistant at work stole N5.6m to japa. She and nearly 60 people she’s supervising have been suspended at work.

You’ve put so many families in distress because of your selfishness. This is so unfair.”

Read opinions from netizens here:

Ladi wrote “They should contact her people to tell her to contact the office asap with a payback plan else they contact the embassy with evidence of her theft.
Or they just do her strong thing and contact the embassy immediately.
What nonsense ”

Frank wrote “This shouldn’t be much of a big deal. She can be repatriated if there’s any proven evidence to validate your claim. She’s just a flight away from been nabbed. Take it to the Embassy she applied through and further escalate it.”

Gbk wrote “If your aunt knows the country she travelled to, her company can contact the embassy over here with evidence. I’m sure her visa will be revoked in weeks and Immigration over there will be looking for her to deport her back to this country to face charges.”

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