Popular Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba, has taken to social media to reveal his biggest regret in life.

Sharing on his Facebook page, the actor revealed that his biggest regret in life was trying to live life without Jesus.

According to him, nothing makes sense outside Jesus and whatever was feeling sweet would only crave a vacuum for more things.

He wrote;

“I have tried Life without Jesus and Life with Jesus, and my biggest regret is trying life without Jesus.
Nothing makes sense outside of him, even what you think is sweet outside of him will only create a vacuum to crave for more things and the pit is endless. Only Jesus Can satisfy, only Jesus can give you peace, only Jesus can save.
No Jesus, No Peace Know Jesus, Know Peace.❤️
Matthew 11:28”

In other news, a Nigerian businesswoman has taken to social media to show off her amazing transformation after leaving her marriage to start a new life.

The woman, who goes by the handle @Ashabiolose on TikTok, shared a series of photos of herself which showed the dramatic change in her physical appearance before and after leaving her husband.

She explained that she suffered a great deal at the hands of her husband, and said she doesn’t pray to return to that kind of suffering again.

According to the mother of two, during her marriage, she could only afford second-hand clothing, commonly known as ‘Okrika’, but now she dresses fashionably.

She went on to say that marriage can be a bondage at times, and expressed her appreciation to God for freeing her from the union.

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