A Nigerian bride has taken to social media to share a touching video that captured her giving her elder sister a special honor on her wedding day.

The bride opted to approach her older sister and give her the bouquet rather than participate in the customary flower toss, in which the bride throws her bouquet to the guests who are not married.

The bride captioned the video with a heartfelt message, expressing her admiration for her elder sister’s unwavering support.

She wrote;

“My Elder sis my biggest supporter. I pray God Almighty blesses you with a man worth your beautiful heart. You are so rare.”

Watch the clip below,

In other news, Nollywood actress, Kiitan Bukola has spoken candidly about her love life, admitting that she hasn’t had much luck finding supportive partners.

The thespian stated this while speaking in a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats.

According to her, she hasn’t been lucky to date men who have been of help to her.

“I am a child of grace, and I thank God for that. I don’t know why some people see me as a competitor (threat). I know that people appreciate me and I appreciate them in return. Also, I have not been lucky to date people who have been of help to me. The people I have dated have generally not been supportive. I have really not been lucky with dating guys that are supportive of me.” She said.

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