Friday, March 24, 2023

“My Blackmailers Will Shoot Me If I Say The Truth” – Chidinma okeke on her leaked lesbian viral video

Chidinma Okeke
Chidinma Okeke

We reported on Tuesday that a second part of a s*xtape involving the 2015 Miss Anambra ‘Queen of Democracy’, Chidinma Okeke, which was released online showing her face clearly as she performs s*x acts with a cucumber alongside her female lesbian room-mate, went viral amid media reactions and criticisms.

The embattled beauty queen who was expected to tell her side of the story in the scandal, had earlier scheduled to disclose her side of the story in a press conference today, but she reportedly didn’t show up, saying that her blackmailer threatened her in a phone call conversation that if she shows up and make any statement, she will be shot dead.


The revelation ( now deleted) was made on her Facebook few hours after the press conference was scheduled to begin at NUJ.

According to information disclosed by the press men who were live at NUJ center, the 3rd girl who recorded the illicit video as the beauty queen and her room-mate were performing the s*x act, is currently on the run after sending the video to a guy due to her carelessness.

The scandal is now open for the law to take its full course. The question now is….is Chidinma innocent? Was she really blackmailed?

Below is what she wrote on her Facebook;


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  1. fuck u tight les.

  2. fuck u tight les.

  3. The acrimony and animosity of it is that cucumber she used, before invasion of the lady… but who knows if that is not a scam? Or maybe they drugged her, because beyond my reasonable doubt :I don’t think if she ever will allow herself to be covered with video and also being away of it… to me is A scam… and hand work of propaganda period.

  4. What truth?don’t get things worse.u berra keep quiet before they release part 3&4,me am tired of seeing those ur videos o.

  5. Zainab Isah says:

    wat a twist…

  6. James Victor says:

    big liar.pls were can I get the part 2 of the video. part 1 no dey interesting

  7. i just dey wonder,na through out dis week will go take talk her matter,abeg make we talk better leave her alone wit God jugde abeg.

  8. Witty Uduak says:

    “Today is Wednesday” share this message to 20 people and you’ll get another Wednesday within 7 days. It really works one of my friends ignored this message, he got Thursday in 24 hours.

  9. Bridget E. Ebeshi

  10. Adaeze Tina says:

    I thought she was denying d whole thing before

  11. Temi Tope says:

    Can a cameral lie?? May God help us

  12. My dear you are talking rubbish, that video was too nasty.

  13. Why can’t you keep quite and travel out for while,shebi your cucumber story makes us to forget the kitchen cabinet and other room saga

  14. I haven’t watched d video n not interested in watching it but one thing I know is it seems dis babe was on drugs when d whole scene was happening cos d way I eyes are in dis pix I’m seeing here something must have gone wrong,it is well with u dear

  15. am sick and tired of all dix story

  16. Please I nid d video

  17. Wait o I need to ask, the chidimma Okeke that I saw handing over her title is really busty, how come the one on the video has got little tits? Just observing anyway.

  18. Shut up there.. Nobody is blackmailing the bloody u….u did it and its final….. U ain’t seen notin yet

  19. My dear you did it and I don’t care wot your reasons are so stop blabbing and ask God for his mercies

  20. ooh this girl is so doomed. she ain’t seen nothing yet

    • She is not doomed… you ain’t #God.. that’s the good thing about life… her future can still be better than that of your virgin Maria Sisters who may even be doing worse things when no one is watching .. Stop talking like a pussy when you are suppose to be a man… talking about doom as if you are the one who shares it….

  21. You better say the truth my sister and ask for God’s strength so as to be free because the blackmailer hv already killed u

  22. Anie Edet says:

    we missed our former 1st lady… her tenure na lafta be full ground… dis one na so so efcc DSS ICPC APC PDP other room cucumber… etc

  23. Share d video,I haven’t seen it

  24. Tina Manuel says:

    My only problem is that someone cannot buy cucumber in peace again.

  25. Sheh u na don forget BUHARI and his wife saga, just because of cucumber story, hmmmmmm this country sef, anywayy buhari’s wife is still in the other room.

  26. Kendis Gold says:

    babe u fuck up big time …..jut ignore everything ..becus d more u dey talk d more d Matter dey long …if I were u nobody go hear 4rm me …e go make d Matter quick die …..but babe oh..which kind love carry u wen u allow vidoe 4 dat kind Matt a………plz we gals shuld be careful ….some gals can send their nude pix even vidoe 2 their partner all in d name of love…..4getting . something can go wrong someday ……#BLESSEDevening my pple

    • Best advice for her.

    • ya dats true

    • Yeah she should go under for a while.

    • Anita Isreal says:

      True, assuming she kept quite, it wouldn’t have gotten to these

    • Watch the video again and again you will see it on her face that they force two of them to do it under instruction. Truth will come out one day behind this act. This was just did to bring her image down Which i think they have achieve but not yet free by the time the real truth will come out. She looked forceful to do it. Look at her face very well she wasn’t enjoying it at all.

    • Edu Okafor says:

      Story! When the first one was released, it wasn’t her they said…she later said it was a Photoshop because her face was not visible enough on it. It angered the blackmailers and they released the part 2 that showed her face properly. She now accepted that it’s real but she might be shot if she comes up with what really happened. …But some people are here saying that she was forced as if they knew what really happened. And I ask…What if she’s a les? Is it not possible that she’s actually a les? Honestly I feels for her but her excuses and that of her sympathizers don’t add up.

    • Pls beware……… You wouldn’t know if she was on gun point and their on her life is she says the truth……… Let’s not be quick to judge

    • U got my mind @ Happiness

    • Kendis Gold says:

      I can’t really tell if she enjoyed it or not or say she didnt do it becuse lesbianism is common dis days …my point is dat she should ignore ….. becus dat d only way out ….imagine she didn’t say anything since ….dis Matta 4 don die………

    • I agree with u @ Edu Okafor…we are all in no position to judge but things just don’t add up

    • Please somebody should share d video to me

    • Share me d video @ Chioma ofoegnu

    • True [email protected] Chioma Ofoegbu

    • Edu Okafor says:

      Ya Happiness Chiangel…non of us knew what really happened except herself and God ofcause. …what I don’t get is this…someone forcing her at gun point to act porn with her best friend who’s her personal assistant and also a beauty queen….hmm…. so both of them are being blackmailed at the same time?….having in mind that the so called personal assistant have not denied her role in the video nor say anything….something is smelling,I don’t know what it is but I know it’s definitely not the truth.

    • Timi Jekami says:

      U De fuck up

    • Neither me can say but let just not crucify her….
      Let her God say for her

  27. The Video Is 100% Home Made Porn.

    That’s What They Tell Them To Act Porn & It Won’t Be Published Here In Nigeria. Urs Was Unfortunate, U’re Not The Only One Into This Anyway Just That U Weren’t As Lucky As Others.

    Shit Happens.. Things We Do For Money!!! The Street Is Military

  28. Omo see lies, do u think u are talking to fools? U must be mad…I hate it when ppl trying to cover up the open truth..u practiced lesbianism.. Either u were on drugs o or on weed o..what I know is that u are dirty fucking bitch .. I can’t wait to see part 3 and 4 of this video.. Even the pu**y is too wide..

  29. She should close her mouth…. when u were using cucumber we weren’t there

    • You sef. ???

    • Ochonma Praise Ij she is crazy, she has made 3 statements concerning the leaked video…. 1st- I wasn’t the one in the video 2nd-my face was photoshopped 3rd- I was force to do it by some Unkown people, well she lost my sympathy the moment she started double speaking, she should have just come out and apologize and ask for forgiveness. Na stupid girl. I no pity her one bit. Telling the truth should have just rest this case instead of whining around with more lies.

  30. Please Who’s dis Chidima Okeke. I don’t really know her.ooooooooo

  31. George Ahmed says:

    Smelling talk

  32. Timi Jekami says:

    This girl is stupid. …yur a fucking hoe…and not bcos u had sex but becos yur denying and creating excuses for yo act

  33. I get the video,abyone that needs it to call me here 08168054108

  34. Biola Lawal says:

    Are u serious?

  35. Nafai John says:

    Which of ur fuck*ng blackmailasz bitch

  36. People sef! Na wah oo always quick to condemn someone else

  37. Dan Kunle says:

    Will somebody tell this Miss cucumber to keep quiet and allow us face our recession for God’s sake.

  38. I have finished watching the part 2, patiently waiting for part 3

  39. Yaba we dey wait for anoda episode tomao

  40. Who cares for the part 2 of the video? Chidinma you try sha but God is watching you.

  41. Tony Cag says:

    well, atleast her toto is no longer secret

  42. Ehix Ehixx says:

    Uwa Josephine Idahosa laugh wan faint me

  43. Miss cucumber keep your lesbian mouth shut!

  44. which kind shoot pass this one?

  45. Chomy Vee says:

    My First Ever Woman Crush Wednesday -# WCW

    My Very first Woman Crush Wednesday is Miss Chindima Okeke.. THE MISS ANAMBRA 2015..

    What fascinates me Most is.. How did we get here?
    How dis we get this HYPOCRITICAL?
    Since Last Weekend, What has been Trending all over Social Media are The other Uses of CUCUMBER..


    In this Part of The World, We don’t Celebrate Evil. The act Same Sex Practice is A Demonic Act and It’s Evil, I condemn it with Everything in me..

    But Why must we all Remain Judgemental?

    The Same Nigerians who love, Cherish and Worship Kim Kardishan and The Whole Freaky Kardishans are also calling Chidinma’s Head on a platter..


    To me, There is Nothing wrong with falling but There is Everything Wrong falling and Refusing to Rise Again..
    Turn to Jesus and Forget the Criticism of Men, He said “He that Cometh to me, I WILL IN NO WISE CAST OUT”..
    I would rather stand by you than Write R. I. P If you eventually commit suicide due to The Hatred and Gospel of Condemnation preached by Nigerians who would Never join us to say
    #FreeHadiba.. A 14 Year Old Girl who would likely spend this Night under the Pawns of a 65 YEAR OLD Grandfather who is a supposedly Traditional Leader(The Emir Of Kastina) who should be Protecting her..

    If you ever get to see this.. Just know I love you, I respect you and that I am your No. 1 Fan and This Scandal is a Stepping stone to Greatness.
    They might have taken the Miss Anambra crown but They have not taken “THE GLORY”.. You are still our Queen
    If you ever consider running for MBGN, Don’t bother getting the form cos I would do that for you…

    Don’t kill yourself.. I see you through the Eyes of God.. Look up to Jesus..

    He that has No sin.. Please Cast The First Stone..

    Please share till it gets to her.. #SaveALife

  46. Na only una sabi when and how im take happen…4me, whether it happen or not,i dnt give a naira fuck! #BULLSHIT

  47. Too Obi says:

    Reading comments

  48. Ugwu Gladys says:

    Meaning that you did it

  49. She did that for fame and money and it backfired. The organisers of that beauty context knows everything about it. However, that’s the condition the sponsor gave for her to emerge the winner of the context. Devils gift is give and take…

  50. Before the video was photoshopped now your blackmailers will kill u which one Nigerians wan believe.. am not trying to cast the first stone and I won’t judge u for what u did because we are all sinners I really feel for you and your family because I can only imagine what you’re going through…#sobbing#

  51. Gerarah here menhn No be you spoiled our cucumber business

  52. I just came here to read comments, who else came here to do the same?

  53. at first it was a photoshop work now yhur blackmailer’s are threatening yhu?so its no more a photoshop work but yhur blackmailers ,,,,,talk to de hand bae

  54. be careful with the kind of friends you have or keep guys! an not saying that what she did was right, but whoever leaked this video have given this girl the embarrassment of a lifetime. the person should allow God to judge her instead of this.

  55. Thought u wanted to kill ur self

  56. Mtchewwww shoroniyen
    Can u put it in write up then die as you claim
    This girl has no shame fah

  57. Well, is a pity but let’s trade with caution cos we re not better than her. Can we ask….WHO is behind this? How many more girls do they still have in there trap? It shall never be well with who ever that blackmail her cos that blackmailer is old enough to be her mother. We should try to see things from different angles

  58. This matter is getting interesting by the day

  59. She look like someone who has been drug and setup

  60. Abeg who want the video I get am

  61. I dey pity this gal sha, but at least she should stop lying. Her lies are annoying, that video is 100% home made

  62. And looking at her eyes you can see she’s drugged, any person can fall victim, it might be you or me. And if the women right activist and all the women should keep quiet about it, then sham on them

  63. Hmm Nja with diff story . From not campaigning for husband in 2019, to d other room, now From d other room to cucumber.
    Hahahaha If am d one selling d cucumber I will increase it to #1,000 each.

  64. I wonder why u are still walking freely, u should have been arrested,being a gay or lesbian is an offence against d state (Nigeria), u must face prosecution.

  65. Abeg go sleep with ur cock n bull story!

  66. The truth is 95% of them thats involve in this rubbish beauty peagant are mostly lesbians and their male counterparts are gay

  67. May be the govt should place a ban on the sale of Cucumber to the female folks.

  68. I watched the video and you weren’t on gunpoint when you were fantastically having your show, lesbianism and homosexuality is just increasing everyday

  69. Where can I see the video please

  70. Hw will she b feeling nw..
    .I pity her.. Is d hand work of d devil ..

  71. If u fake ur own death u go still no blow #falz #Softwork

  72. Yeye who won black mail u. If they like make dem blue mail u. Death is all u deserve.

  73. She was enjoying the act… I don’t understand oo. Cos we have so many gay in Nigeria… May God save u but I would have left Nigeria if I were you. How can the organiser do this when they know it’s their business they spoiling? God help u Dimmable. Fame and what comes with it.

  74. una neva tire for dix story……e neva do…… #angry

  75. I can’t buy cucumber from women no more.

  76. I know you have been blackmail but just be cool d truth will never hide 4ever nd the person will pay d prize.

  77. Tony Cag says:

    80% of the men here already been masturbating with that her video since it was released yet they would come here to give some innocent advice the rate at which guys are begging for the video ..seems its time to put it on sale

  78. Chidimma I kno was neva forced 2 do dat neiiher was she doin it 4 money. She has bin in dat act evn b4 d beauty peagent wateva wich I was dere present. D truth wich she cant say was dat her fone was used for d coverage, bt she was careless 2 hav allowed sum1 go tru d fon n copy d video & probably edited n posted only her scene. Evn d godmother who videoed it was also in d tape. Bt she (Chidimma) can’t post her part cos she knos dat if she does; den she will confirm 2 d world dat she knos sumtin abt it. I jst pitty her cos even if she turns pastor 2moro…. d scare is dere permanent. All my advice is 4 her 2 4giv d poster cos I kno dats d most difficult task facing her right now. My advice 2 evrybdy is….. dnt allow such confidential involving u or ur luvd 1 stay over a minute n ur phone. No matter d security code u use. U neva can tell. Devil can decieve u & u might fall a victim 2moro. Jst made my point!