A young Nigerian man, Ayo Lex has taken to social media to reveal how his family assaulted him and prevent him from moving out of the house.

Ayo, 25, recounted how he was beaten to a pulp by his father and elder brother after he requested to move out of the house to his own apartment.

The young banker also disclosed that this will be the second time he is being assaulted by his family and the first experience was in February 2019 at a mall in Dugbe, Ibadan.

Taking to Twitter, Ayo shared photos of his bruised body and wrote;

“My own family brutalized me yesterday night all because i wanted to leave their house to rent my own apartment.

“This is the 2nd time.

“Yesterday night around 9pm i told my parents I’ve decided to leave their home to move to my new apartment and suddenly I was been ordered around like a kid to go back to my room that i can’t leave, mind you I’m 25 years old.

“My own father started getting aggressive with me and even went to the extent of demanding i release my phone to him, (phone wey i use my own money buy), I refused and then he started hitting me, punching me, slapping me, my elder brother joined him in this act.

“I suffered!

“My mum pleaded they stopped but they continued hurting me, slapping me and doing all sorts of harm to me, I screamed for help but they continued. This is the second time they’ll do such to me. The 1st one happened on February 28, 2019 in the evening at Dugbe Mall Shoprite Ibadan.”

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