UK based celebrity photographer and CEO of Events Reloaded Media, Mayor Rotimi Odunayo made this statement over the fallout from the controversial Hermes bag drama involving blogger Linda Ikeji.

In a post on his website, Rotimi said:

“My gold shoe is worth her bag and she can google it on the internet and see the price and the shop I bought it from in the UK. Linda should focus more on helping and supporting Nigerians with her wealth of experience in the industry not showing off with things of life.

“It is high time Linda keeps quiet and focus on her blogging and think of ways to expand in business and support those that needs to be helped in the society. As per the fight with Wizkid? I believe they can settle it in the closet rather than public.”

Baba, are you not showing off too?


  1. Abeg…Who is this one biko…Can people stop this madness and leave this woman alone. She should use her wealth to help people…You obviously don’t know the name and brand Linda Ikeji. Go and look @ the lives she has changed with her “I’ll rather be self made” and the money she gives out VERY regularly to her readers. This man is obviously trying to leverage on the popularity on the Linda Ikeji brand. Y’al should free this woman.

  2. Obviously you people re sick…you re a celeb there in UK. ..let’s see ur impact as well towards Nigerians …watch ur useless talk abeg

  3. But wetin concern rotimi in this matter, Dat is not how to settle dispute or make peace between wizkid and Linda, himself dey use style to show,who ask him the worth of his shoe, if at all he want to counsel Linda ikeji, it shouldn’t be public, he should have sent her message or call her on phone, this man na mumu oooo, leave Linda alone, nah free world we dey, she displayed her Hermes bag, u displayed ur shine shine shoe, If I too display my 1st grade okirika shoe, it doesn’t concern anybody, nah free world we dey oooooooooo

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