A married woman anonymously shared her plight on Facebook, seeking advice or suggestions on how to weave her way around it.

She complains of her husband’s decision to build a house to the detriment of their physical needs. In a bid to fit in with his friends and mates, he implemented the saving-money rule which according to the wife, is unbearable.

Many netizens have a lot to say on the issue as some advised that she suffer with her husband in the meantime and reap the later reward.

Others opine that while the house project is a beautiful thing to do, it should not take them to an early grave due to starvation.

Read the comments below,

@Kolawole Abdulsalam: It’s a good idea sha cuz, one has to starve so as to achieve something tangible now that things are so difficult, I remember I saved 90% of my earns to buy land, nw I’m a landlord, its my own.

@Umoren Evelyn: After I finish starving myself from eating healthy food and wearing customised clothing’s,he will now write Mr Adam and Mrs Eve in the documents no be so🙄I laugh in Swahili mbok let me eat first I’ll save the little I can

@Mogaji Latifat: Give your hubby knock for his awuje Him go come back to his senses

@Savi Lizzie Gbenayon: Hope.you sha trust the Ajo person and your hobby. I’m just saying.P.S na who dy alive dey save so try stay healthy while saving. To whom brain is given, sense is expected

@Praise Obasi: It is called sacrifice but make sure you don’t die In the process

What would you advise she should do?

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