Delectable Ghanaian Actress, Ella Mensah, who frequents Nigeria more often, says she is currently not happy with the kind of reception she keeps getting from some ladies who are her fans.

Ella who is a daring actress with most of her roles as a lesbian, has gotten her attracted by many fans who wonder how she manages to accept such roles in movie and still be bold.

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The actress recently disclosed that she gets lots of advances from her social media page where they tell her how good she is and their intentions and despite turning them off, they still persist.

“A lot on Facebook; you know when your fans watch your movie I think most of them think the character is who you are, so I get so many girls on Facebook; lesbian girls telling me how much they love me and all that, but I always send a message across that I am not a lesbian but they don’t get it because they see you acting so in movies” she sadly told Vanguard.



  1. Can’t stop laughing. Why did you accept the scripts on lesbianism. That script alone can show who you really are. What advice did u give those indulge in lesbianism? Have you ever told them to desist from the act?Entertainment industry has their way of publicising zomething. Lesbianism was not as popular as this if not done in the movies. A lot of ladies were innitiated into this act through movies. Because those young girls that see it in movies actually practice what they see privately and it becomes a way of life. It’s a pity. The havoc entertainment industry caused in the life of our youths is mote than the good they’ve done. New bad hairstyle,dress etc is first seen from the celebrities before it comes to vogue. Well…….they all know what they’re doing…….


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