Delectable Yoruba actress, Taiwo Aromokun, last April, revealed that she was no longer married to the father of her twin children.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, she said her twins are not missing their father because they talk to him regularly.

“Why should they miss their father?’ she asked rhetorically followed by a long pause. “They talk to him every day and they get whatever they want from him,” she said.

The actress who became popular for her role in Arewa Okunrin, said she was not in a hurry to return to acting full-time, because she is currently preoccupied with raising her children.

“Acting is a demanding career. I am taking my time and only doing jobs that will give me time for my boys. When we go on locations, we spend days before coming home but for now, that is not what I want for my kids. So, I only take jobs that will make me come home to them,” she said.

When quizzed about maintaining her standard of living and raising children in view of the fact that she only accepts to partake in few movies, the ebony-skinned actress said her savings have come in handy.

She said, “I didn’t spend my money at the frequency at which I made it. I set aside a lot of money for times like this and I still have some unreleased jobs with my marketer which is fetching me money.”

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