My name is Nonso and I live and work in Lagos. I have been married to Chika for six years now but I think the marriage is crumbling because of my wife’s refusal to have a baby.

She works as a marketer in a new generation bank and she does not see child bearing as her priority now because it would hamper her career progression. In the years we have been married, she has aborted two pregnancies.

The first one, she pleaded with me to allow her do away with it because she had just gotten the job and would not make her function very well.

The second time, she did not tell me about it but when I found out and told her I was not happy with it, she flared up and asked if what I made as a salary would be able to sustain the family.

Now she is two months pregnant and is insisting on another abortion because, according to her, she is due for a promotion and does not want anything to jeopardize her chances. I am adamant that she must keep the baby but she says she would rather divorce me.

Two weeks ago, the issue caused a big quarrel and my wife told me to my face whether I am even sure the baby is mine. That statement really shocked me and I know I can’t take it any longer.

What should I do?

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