Akwa Ibom Live-Band Entertainer, Soundcraft D Ritualist has announced that he would be divorcing his wife after discovering he was not the biological father of their children.

He took to his official Facebook page to express his shock and share the tragic news with fans and loved ones.

According to Soundcraft, he was very disappointed to find out about the real paternity of his kids and would no longer cater to their needs and pay their school fees which run in hundreds of thousands of naira.

He wrote;

Woow Just to come to realized that I’m not the biological father of this kids.. Mandu The Nsit Atai woman said this to my face this morning infront of my kids that I’m not their biological father that she’s taking them to their real father. Neighbors around were so shocked to hear her vomit such words.
ME:- so all this while I have been suffering in vain chai. F-GENDER
Normally I wouldn’t have bring this here but I’m doing this publicly based on my popularity because if you see this kids suffering tomorrow, nobody should blame me because I know she can’t take the responsibilities I was taking. Only their school fees is N202k (I have backed off)

He also revealed that she had saved the man’s phone number as “Pastor’s wife” to avoid suspicions and shared the text messages exchanged between both parties.

See the messages below;

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