Drama ensues as a young lady purposefully stops a man from dancing with his bride at their wedding, disrupting the ceremony.

The video that has stirred mixed reactions shows the moment the lady was dancing cheerfully with the groom while the bride was disregarded, dancing without her groom.

Relatives of the couple hurriedly interfered; persuading and obstructing her from dancing with the groom. A member of the groomsmen could be seen squeezing money into her hands but the lady refused as she proceeded to continue dancing.

Surprisingly, the bride was smiling from ear to ear, acting composed with the situation even after the relatives tried pulling the lady from her groom.

The lady didn’t want the newly wedded couple to dance together.

The video has garnered varying reactions from Internet users as viewers speculated the lady could be the groom’s first wife seeing the manner the relatives indulged her attitude.

Netizens explained that the entire family knows who the lady is and even the bride is aware as she didn’t express any form of anger.

Some insisted the relatives could have chased her out of the event while others opined the man must have vowed to marry the lady, hence, she decided to disrupt his wedding.

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