Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, has offered words of advice to ladies who go after sugar daddies due to the financial gains that comes with dating one.

Instead of doing this, the actress thinks the ladies concerned should be patient and focus on a young man with a determination to succeed.

Buhari, who is a mother of twins shared her thoughts in a post on Facebook.


“Forget about these old men called sponsors, and build a future with that brilliant determined young man who is after you.”

“He might be poor today but he won’t be poor forever. Build wealth with your own man.” “Don’t die over material things, sponsors will bless you with gifts, diseases and curses.”

“Better things are yet to come. Some died of AIDS just because of Iphone 4; little did they know that we will have Iphone7.”

“Sponsors will waste your youthful years and you will miss the chance of getting married to a man that will make you a Mrs. It’s very true there will be more to life, to the wise ladies, think about this piece.”

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  1. When did a piece of advice become treasonable? Many ppl who had experience didn’t bother to send a warning message across. How can u ppl talking rubbish here prove she dated sugar daddies? Did u catch her wt your dad? Its only foolish low classed uneducated nonentities that destroy other ppl’s image.

  2. Only God know how some of u reasons, experience or not, the message is very clear and straight, cut from the habit of running after married men. I don’t know why some of u are commenting like u are trying to justify it. Forget if she has don’t DAT before. Do as i say, buh don’t do as i do. Is it not in the bible?

  3. Taaar shut up there, she who’s advising ladies, after fucking all the politicians you’re here blabbing. Na u do am pass, ok pls tell us are you married? Hell no you’re not and you have kids for who, you don’t even know. So madam you have no right to advice no one.

  4. Ladies insulting her should be thanking her cos she went down that road and it didn’t pay her, she love her fans that’s why she’s advising them, even if she is not married she is beautiful. Some ladies after dating sugar daddies they will end up dying or getting deadly diseases but look at her she is still beautiful and making her money she doesn’t look like a mother of two. If she gets married or not she has nothing to loose..so ladies insulting her are just jealous of her

  5. See pot calling charcoal black. Keep quite there! U did u marry? Is it not those bastards u parade on social media? Though I don’t support ladies going after sugar daddies, but Nadia Buhari is not in any position to advice any lady in dis matter.

    • Haaaaa madam, no na. Even your Facebook profile says you are born again and spirit filled. You shouldn’t use such words on the innocent children no matter your mood on the post. No child is a bastard because they are all God’s beautiful creation. Besides, I see nothing wrong in this advice to warrant such harsh words on the innocent children.

    • Ann or what do u call yourself,you have no moral right to attack innocent children like thst,she is better than you she has her twins can you be bold to tell us how many abortions you have already done.God will judge you girls.

    • Its like u all has bastards too. Blind fools. So cos they re children they have changed from bastards to legitimate? If it were in the olden days, dos children don’t enter church cos they re an abomination unto God. Nneka Olushola Akinbi yes am born again, that’s why I call a spade a spade. Devastating Kem I can see how devastated ur brain is. Umele Bone Michael u won’t even pass 50 if u continue harbouring evil. #Festus I pray ur first daughter gives u twin sitting in ur home. By then u won’t have mouth to talk wen ur fellow men are talking.

    • “I am a child of God, Born again. Holy Ghost, and evangelist.” There is a mistake in this description of you. Go and edit it. Or better still you can grab a dictionary and understand the meaning of those words.

    • Ann Millions Joshua your mouth is too sharp for a born again. You are just insulting everyone dat doesn’t agree to your opinion. Must everyone toe same line with your view? Come on, behave Christlike

    • Ann Millions Joshua. You are a fool. Who crowned you born again? Weed. Accuser of which brethren? Are you a brethren or a demon? Which? No wonder it is said judgement will start from the church. If ye be without sins, be the first to cast the stone. Ekwensu. Witch. Sheep in Wolf clothing. Barawo. May you not make heaven. Is not a wish. It’s a done deal.

    • This is the reason why I don’t go to church anymore I believe staying in my house and pray to my heavenly Father.. See how a born again Christian is insulting everybody here. Just tell me how can I be convinced to start going to church if u are this way

    • Frank Rhymzy plz o I beg you don’t because of one bad witch here on facebook make you conclude so quickly on church. There are still good churches out there and there are still good Christians out there too not like this demon here in human clothing. The Bible says were two or three are gathered in his name, he is there. That same Bible also said that we shdnt despise the gathering of the church. I can’t state categorically which verse and chapter buh its there in d Bible. At least I am not like some people dat post born again and Holy Ghost filled on their profile picture. Born again my foot! As I was saying jare Frank. The church is meant for spiritual upliftment, empowerment and word growth. As for that witch called Ann, I will make sure she runs away from facebook. Anywhere she sees a post, she won’t comment again. Ekwensu.

    • Lilian Ekpo on a serious note. Are those children not bastards? Why do u kill yourself over a simple truth? What’s ur stress in dis matter sweetheart. Or has the word bastard been wiped out from Dictionary? Or is it cos its Nadia’s children.? The way d world support, sponsor, and entertain evil is evil. I’m a child of God. How does that hurt u deep? Don’t u think that there’s something u haven’t told us here?

  6. If I catch any of u near my dad, I will make sure the whole boys in nigeria hear it and also know u proper so that nobody should fall victim for a remainant of an old blood. And all u ladies casting aspertions on the actress I knew its ur game please may u never stop in Jesus name and I do hope the same for ur daughters in the next future. Can I get an amen?

  7. Who tells you? And where do you read that from? That the so called sugar daddy can not give our girls all what they want. You could see sugar, it is a very sweet substance. And daddy too, it is pleasant. All this in one body. Well to be more serious, it is a matter of choice. Some fathers are much more promise filled oriented and highly dedicated, to course of the game. It has been like that from time immemorial, and there is nothing anybody could do about it.

  8. Most of this Celebrities around, presenting us with one baby or the other. Some of them even had twins, before they eventually get married. They must have secretly tried hands on this so called sugar daddy to make a good start in life. So who is deceiving who?

  9. Very good advice coming from Nadia, that’s the main reason why I keep to myself and avoid friends because of bad influence, each time I tried to advice girls that I know about the evil of sleeping around and dating older men, I end of getting insulted by them, some will go as far as calling me jealous, but that still did not stop me from saying the truth, whoever who learn will learn, whoever refuse to learn will be like a cow who goes to London and return back as a cornbeef. Useless girls criticizing an innocent girl

  10. But wait a min oo…….How do you pple know that she fucked politicians…..we can quick to judge all this celebrities sha…….If you can not take the advice then just read nd pass….

  11. Pls she is just giving us advice BC she has been there before ,no gain so she decided to save others from such life we need to take her advice very vital information, they said experience is a best teacher pls no more insults.

  12. May God protect me from getting married to an abortionist I need the womb fod my kids cos I wount ve the time to be running from pastor to pastor or from prophet to prophet for the sake of fruit of the womb when I know I can perform hard, then someone else past to be the one to put in distress and at such stage they will never confess. Oh lord pls thy guidance.

  13. God bless u dear, he who have ears let him hear, God is telling u to take d message nt her character,she didn’t create herself,all those of u castigating,do u want God t com down from heaven n give u d msge?God uses pple to give advice’s even if d person been gud or bad,d end is near, we should repent of our wrong doings n turn back to God.shalom!.

  14. Even if she has been down dat rd bfor,there is sense in what she is saying.is it not possible she has turned a new leave, for those insulting her. He who is without sin let him cast d first stone.

  15. CORRECTION……it is not about sugar daddies alone but women should not have sex men forever and they should go and make love with their fellow genders not opposite ones.
    We gays totally condemned this act.
    Proudly gays
    no marriage between man and woman
    only man to man
    THANK U.

  16. Thank you my sister,advice these harlots of all time,they will not heed to advice.How can a girl hold tight another woman’s husband and still go fasting in the church for her own husband,after prayers she will still sleep with sugar daddy,i know one like that.Please my friends who is decieving who.My people said an advise needs no reply.

  17. tell them, d truth is dat many ladies of dis generation wil never get marry simply bcos what most of dis sugar daddy has done to dem, dere glory has been taken away 4rm dem without knowing it, all in d Name of making an awuff money

  18. Why didn’t she say this when she was single? Rubbish! Cos, she’s married. I guess, she don’t want single ladies near her husband. Hahahahaha! I laugh. Whatever bad thing u do in life, nemesis must catch up with u.

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