A strange occurrence was witnessed at the Victoria Garden City area of Lagos state on Sunday night, June 13, as a couple were seen walking around stark naked.

The video went viral on social media and it led to many speculations as netizen’s tried to figure out why the couple took on a rather bizarre adventure.

Chairman of the landlords’ association at the Victoria Garden City neighborhood where a couple was spotted walking around naked, has now given an update on the incident which occurred on Sunday June 12.

couple walking

In his words;

On Sunday, on our close, at about 11 pm, the Vice-Chairman called my attention to an ugly situation whereby two adults; male and female were seen walking around the estate completely naked.

Our estate security and management personnel accosted them and accompanied them to our close (63) where the duo purportedly resided in a BQ. As the case may be, the situation soon got out of hand when both adults slit their wrists and necks in what seemed to be a suicide attempt, saying they would die and rise again in three days.

Further investigation of their BQ apartments revealed some items such as illegal drugs and other substances. They were obviously under the influence of some substances (drug abuse)

Thank God for the swift response of our management, security and medical team who eventually sedated the victims and took them to the hospital around 12.45am.

The girl is a full American that came in from the US in October to experience the 5th dimension with the guy. They got home and slit their wrists and necks and their door had to be broken down. The hospital said they were both on Colorado, Canadian Loud, aka Mkpuru Mmiri.

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