A shocking video has surfaced online, capturing the intense moment when officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) came under gunfire attack during an ambush by armed hoodlums defending illicit drug warehouses in Opuje forest, Edo State.

The video, which has been widely shared, shows the ordeal faced by the NDLEA officers as they engaged in a fierce gunfight with the assailants.

According to Femi Babafemi, the spokesperson for the anti-drug agency, the officers strongly fought back, with a two-hour struggle.

Reports indicate that during the confrontation, three NDLEA officers sustained severe injuries in the line of duty.

One of the injured officers underwent brain surgery as a result of the attack.

While the video has gained significant attention, it has also attracted skepticism from some individuals who question the authenticity of the event.

With comments from netizens claiming that the NDLEA may have staged the incident to garner public praise and commendation.

hence, the reactions from viewers online are mixed.

However, the incident sheds light on the risks and challenges faced by law enforcement agencies combating drug trafficking and organized crime.

As investigations into the ambush continue, it is hoped that the injured officers will recover swiftly and receive the necessary support and care.


Watch the video below:

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